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Marketplace personalization managed at scale

Deliver a tailored experience to each customer and increase product discoverability, managed seamlessly across first party and third-party offers with AI-driven personalization.


Exponential assortment growth presents new challenges

You’ve already done the heavy lifting of identifying customer needs, sourcing products and bringing them onto your marketplace. But the last mile of ensuring these new offers are discoverable is critical to conversion and increasing sharing of wallet.

  • ‘Invisible’ products

    Customers struggle to find what they're searching for, even if it's on your site.

  • Missing recommendations

    There is an inconsistent buying experience and eMerchandising across 1P and 3P products.

  • Lack of data-driven insights

    eCommerce teams struggle to capture holistic 1P and 3P insights and take meaningful action.


of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide personalized offers and recommendations

Source: Accenture Pulse Check: Why brands must move from communication to conversation for greater personalization


Optimize marketplace discovery

Ensure marketplace products get the right visibility through intelligent recommendations and sorting.

  • Personalize in real-time

    Recommendations are based on specific customer context such as what they’ve viewed, added to their basket, and purchased or liked. Active algorithms are refreshed daily.

  • Show upsell, substitutions and cross-sell strategies

    Display alternative and complementary products based on customer search, profile, and other purchasing behaviors that take into account visual and semantic similarities.

  • Receive tailored recommendations at scale

    Personalize the buying experience from start to finish with recommendations that touch every step of the buying journey, from the homepage to the product page, to the basket and more.

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“After deploying Target2Sell we conducted an A/B test on our list pages and we obtained +14% conversion rate!”

Caroline Delorme
Former Digital Director, Galeries Lafayette

Enterprise-grade security your customers can trust

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Increase marketplace conversion

Maintain control over your personalization strategy and always present the right products to the right customers at the right time.

  • Operate with confidence

    Rather than rely on intuition or excessive A/B testing, Mirakl Target2Sell algorithms adapt to customer behavior and assortment changes in real time, ensuring the best algorithm is always applied.

  • Direct from the driver's seat

    Influence product recommendations according to eMerchandising objectives by setting up business rules and applying third-party or in-house custom algorithms.

  • Bring recommendations to life

    See the impact of product recommendations on upsells and cross-sells with straightforward algorithm visualization that shows which items are most often viewed or purchased together.


“Target2Sell’s AI-driven personalization optimized the way we ranked our large set of products within our category pages, improving our customer experience and our bottom line!”

Nuria García Reche
Global Performance Lead, Sprinter

Get actionable insights

Manage insights across 1P and 3P assortment to improve overall performance.

  • Harmonize your data

    Unify data from multiple disparate sources, including product data, customer behavior, in-store purchases, product ratings, customer reviews, data lakes, and even inject your own algorithms.

  • Receive actionable insights

    Track overall assortment and marketplace performance, including comparison between 1P and 3P performance at the assortment and category level, plus split of sales.

  • Access product intelligence at your fingertips

    Extract product intelligence generated by the Mirakl Target2Sell platform and apply to external tools, including customer resource management, email marketing, and even inject your own algorithms!

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“Target2Sell has enabled us to take a new step forward in optimizing onsite performance. We conducted an A/B test that showed a 2X CTR on recommended products and those same product recommendations also drove revenue growth by 10X on the product page.”

Cécile Brin Miard
Responsable Marketing et Merchandising Digital, Yves Rocher

Not all personalization engines are created equal

Mirakl Target2Sell’s technology is unique because it is well suited to provide value for both 1P and 3P products. Unlike the black box approach taken by many other AI solutions today, the solution is designed to allow merchandisers or category managers to influence the AI by implementing their custom business rules or algorithms.

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Amandine AuzemerieForrmer Marketing Director, BricoPrive

“We were attracted to Target2Sell’s transparent, anti-black box approach on AI, its technical expertise, and its business acumen. We were convinced when we saw the results: +14% net additional revenue! And this is just the beginning!”

  • +14% net additional revenue
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Optimize product curation at scale with Mirakl Target2Sell