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Breaking through at the 2022 Platform Pioneer Summit – APAC

Tzipi Avioz
August 25, 2022
Breaking through at the 2022 Platform Pioneer Summit – APAC
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The 2022 Platform Pioneer Summit is the leading forum for online marketplaces, and this year’s event in Sydney brought global insights, customer spotlights, and marketplace strategies to a dedicated Asia Pacific event for the first time. Dozens of APAC eCommerce leaders came together in Sydney to learn the secrets for marketplace success from some of the most progressive and innovative break through enterprises in the region today. 

Setting the stage with an opening keynote and product update

Tzipi Avioz, EVP of Customer Success at Mirakl, opened up the event with a keynote exploring the market factors behind adoption of online marketplaces, sharing stories of the Platform Pioneers that have unlocked new growth by launching marketplaces. From improved profitability to increased traffic and lower customer acquisition costs, marketplaces are giving retailers and B2Bs new ways of accelerating their business – leading to a remarkable $3.23 trillion spent on marketplaces last year. 

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Mirakl’s product is at the heart of our innovation, with our team constantly working to make operating a marketplace less complex and more scalable. To close out her keynote, Tzipi sat down with Isabelle Bénard, Chief Product Officer at Mirakl, to talk about the latest enhancements to the Mirakl Marketplace Platform, offering even greater resilience and scalability, at the highest security standard.

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Meet the Platform Pioneers: Maisonette and Catch

In the first of our Platform Pioneer panels, Tzipi welcomed Chris Sponiar, former Chief Operating Officer at Maisonette, and Steven Traplin, GM of Catch Marketplace to the stage, where they unpacked their own challenges with optimising customer experience and how they’ve used marketplace to enhance their offerings. Steve explained how Catch utilised curation to challenge bias and build internal support, while Chris outlined the agility required to quickly identify and capitalise on trends. 

Both of our Platform Pioneers agreed it was a focus on simplification and prioritisation which really created the break through for their platforms, establishing a reliable technical backbone to free their teams to focus on the strategy and execution. With a tech stack that could do the heavy lifting on support, their teams were able to focus on the most important goal: delivering an outstanding experience for sellers and customers alike.

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Partner Panel featuring Nagarro and Freedom Furniture

What makes a great partnership between marketplace operators and value-added service providers?

That’s what Mirakl’s Senior Business Consultant for APAC, Lyly Lim, looked to understand in our next session with Digital General Manager for Freedom Australia, Paula Mitchell and Director for Australia and New Zealand at Nagarro, Morten Sorensen. With a heritage Australian furniture brand such as Freedom, it was a massive task to reposition the company and undertake a digital transformation to prepare the business for the evolving needs of future customers. 

Paula and Morten discuss the various elements of success, across procurement, discovery and onboarding to ensure the technology stack was fit for purpose and delivered a seamless experience for customers and suppliers. Hear the steps they took to ensure they were making the right decisions for now, but still agile enough to identify what’s next and scale effectively.

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The Mirakl Seller Ecosystem: How third-party sellers are fuelling growth among top retailers

Selling on marketplaces can open up new growth channels for businesses of all sizes – but what are the keys to doing it right? 

At the Platform Pioneer Summit, KG Group shared their learnings, from the early days when Director Doron Kushlin was slugging it out ‘door to door’ trying to get their products on shelves, growing to become the well-oiled eCommerce machine they are today. With over 25,000 products in 20 marketplaces serving over 3 million Australian customers, KG Group’s steady rise is an excellent outline of the challenges faced at the crossroad between marketplaces, sellers and suppliers.

Hear this energetic and fascinating discussion with Kushlin and Matt Hardy, Manager, Customer Success in APAC for Mirakl, and follow the sometimes-bumpy growth journey across inventory management, logistics and customer service as KG Group looks toward what’s next.

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B2B Spotlight: Increasing your customer lifetime value through the marketplace model with Maknet by Siam Makro

There are opportunities galore across digital and eCommerce, but none more so than in the B2B space – especially in our APAC region. In this session, Laurence Greenway, Mirakl’s Senior Platform Strategy Consultant in APAC, looks at the opportunities available for businesses selling to each other, from growth projections to the customers that brands can engage as they break through in these markets.

Laurence is then joined by Jitu M Bordoli, Head of Marketplace Operations at Maknet, the newest venture from Siam Makro, a leader in the booming B2B marketplaces of Thailand. Listen as Jitu explores how they manage stakeholders, the changing expectations of B2B and what influences Maknet’s approach to getting the customer experience right. 

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Locknote Guest Presentation featuring Tony Nash

Rounding out the day, we were honoured to welcome Booktopia Founder and Director Tony Nash to the stage. As the pioneer for one of Australia’s great success stories, Tony mapped out the journey of his retailer from $10 a day marketing budget to $250 million revenue, 300 staff and 30,000 of office and warehousing space shipping 9 million books a year.

Tony’s boundless energy was contagious as he distilled down the “ingots” of entrepreneurial success, the building blocks for his business and how he was able to “hack the universe” to create an enduring digital retailer in one of the most highly competitive categories.

Watch the 2022 APAC Platform Pioneer Summit on-demand

The 2022 APAC Platform Pioneer Summit was a huge success thanks to our guests, presenters and Pioneer Partners. The opportunities are endless and we’re honoured to be the preferred partner in growing the highest-performing, most innovative marketplaces in the world. 

We have packaged all the highlights of our inaugural APAC Platform Pioneer Summit in a series of on demand videos. Get access HERE to discover the playbook you need to embrace the marketplace model.

Written by
Tzipi Avioz
Executive Vice President, Customer Success at Mirakl, Americas and APAC

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