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The Time Is Now: Digital Transformation & the B2B Platforms Masterclass

Julie Delazyn
11ecember D, 2019
The Time Is Now: Digital Transformation & the B2B Platforms Masterclass
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Digital transformation was on everyone’s mind last week as marketplace pioneers Accor Hotels, ANIEL, and Airbus Helicopters – along with partners Roland Berger, Webhelp Payment Services and SAP – shared tips on growing exponentially in this new, digital ecosystem-driven economy and how to leverage a Mirakl powered B2B marketplaces to increase range, audience, GMV, scale dropship, or reduce procurement costs.

In this first-ever B2B Platforms Masterclass in Paris top players in manufacturing, hospitality, retail and other industries gathered to discuss the challenges and solutions to thrive as they digitize their businesses.


“It’s been fascinating to see literal business transformations as a direct result of B2B Marketplaces, Manufacturer-led platforms, MRO/Aftermarket,” explained Laure Le Gall who facilitated the Masterclass. “Manufacturers and wholesalers now understand the importance of platforming their business – It’s evident in the number of B2B use cases emerging, with 50% of Mirakl clients in 2018 in the B2B space – and my goal is to help them adopt the model in a way that will make them the most successful.”

“Digital transformation is happening all around us, there’s no question about that,” said ANIEL Group President Vincent Belhandouz, whose marketplace has become a leader in the auto body parts replacement and aftermarket category, one of the goods sectors with the largest margins. “It’s not about asking whether or not you should launch a marketplace. The question is when. My advice: don’t be too late.”

And the stakes are high. With Amazon increasingly elbowing its way into the business market, and Alibaba inching towards a global presence, businesses are at an impasse. Evolve or stay behind. A marketplace platform is one way to stay ahead. But the marketplace model isn’t just about delivering what buyers want, growing profitability, and establishing brand presence. It also enables manufacturers and distributors to move up the digital maturity curve.

The Airbus Helicopters digital platform – which will include a selection from third-party vendors who contribute products that range from tools to ground support equipment and chemicals and consumable materials – will help improve customer satisfaction thanks to specialized and local vendors, address customers feedback quickly, increase market share with better understanding of customer behavior, and reduce cost.

Accor Hotels, ANIEL, and Airbus Helicopters are Platform Pioneers – visionaries who have gone beyond the constraints of their business model to launch a platform business. If you are an executive at the forefront of digital transformation within your organization and want to hear from other Platform Pioneers, join us in Paris April 29 for the Platform Pioneer Summit by Mirakl.

Written by
Julie Delazyn
Julie has worked in communications and marketing with tech companies and big corporations for the past 10 years. As a former NYTimes journalist in Paris, she is a passionate advocate of storytelling.

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