Introducing AMI: How AI Is Embedded Into Mirakl to Help You Transform Your Business

- June 25, 2024
An image announcing the launch of AMI

Generative AI remains at the top of every CEO’s priority list in 2024. Automation and efficiency are just a few of the benefits of embedding AI into a business strategy. 

For businesses looking to invest and get a competitive edge with AI, how can they differentiate themselves?

The reality is that computing power has already been commoditized by companies like Google and Nvidia, and modeling will soon follow with advancements from Open AI, Mistral AI, and others. At Mirakl, AI is not the latest buzzword. It has been embedded into our company and the products we build for years to make a meaningful impact for our customers.

Meet AMI: Artificial Mirakl Intelligence


Over the past six years, Mirakl has used the most advanced AI available to deliver meaningful impact across each of its products. Artificial Mirakl Intelligence, or AMI, is a mix of our perfectly tuned large language models (LLMs) and best-of-breed third party AI technologies like OpenAI and Mistral AI. 

As a result, we released the first generative AI features on the eCommerce market building on our partnership with OpenAI within just a few weeks. AMI, which means 'friend' in French, illustrates our partnership with customers to easily share data across their network of sellers and advertisers at scale.

How AI powers the Mirakl product suite

1. Automate supplier catalog onboarding

AMI transforms any supplier catalog in one click, making Mirakl’s catalog onboarding the fastest and most flexible solution on the market. Our catalog transformer can ingest a messy supplier catalog, in any format (API, EDI, XML, directly from the seller’s ecommerce platform, etc.) and standardize the data into the format and taxonomy of a retailer or distributor in just one click. This feature uses AI to automatically transform categories and attributes to map.

Market alternatives require manual or static rules-based mapping to fit the needs of the retailer or distributor, which takes up time that could be spent on more meaningful activities. With AMI, the results are ready within 24 hours, without any manual intervention.

Jonathan Attali, chief digital officer at fashion apparel merchant Zadig & Voltaire, says Mirakl’s tools mitigate the cost of selling through new channels.

“With other feed management solutions, we typically need to invest $100,000 and four months upfront to sell on a new channel, which hinders our ability to scale,” he says. “Catalog onboarding represents a massive part of this cost.” Zadig & Voltaire is a seller on the Mirakl Connect network of marketplaces.

2. Speed up customer care ticket resolution

Is customer care resolution a bottleneck within your marketplace business? AMI reduces incident time-to-resolution for customer care by 90% in Mirakl Platform. While other solutions on the market either require marketplace sellers and operators to manually sift through thousands of customer care cases without any prioritization, Mirakl’s customer care intelligence features use AMI to run automated critical scoring and sentiment analysis.

3. Create more relevant advertising campaigns

The customer experience is paramount in implementing a successful retail media program. Mirakl Ads is built to serve the most personalized and relevant ads, powered by AMI. Before our algorithms look at the bid price, they look at search keywords, product data, and category context for relevancy and at customer behavior and preferences to ensure the right product and content gets to the right customer.

Additionally, the ads are automatically optimized by AI to achieve the highest profitability rate and return on ad spend (ROAS) possible for the publisher.

Through these capabilities, Maisons du Monde has been able to reach 70% of advertiser adoption targets for the year in less than 5 months.

“Mirakl Ads makes it extremely easy for our sellers to start advertising on our platform. It's all seamlessly integrated and self-service. Advertisers tell us they see higher return on investment than other sites they advertise on," says Olivier De Rocca Serra, marketplace & B2B director at Maisons du Monde. "We evaluated other competitors and found that none could match Mirakl's features and pace of innovation. Mirakl really stands out as we found no significant gaps or superior alternatives available in the market.” 

How AI drives Mirakl’s internal approach to helping customers grow

In addition to integrating AI across Mirakl products,  It’s also a priority at Mirakl to integrate AI across the business to make processes more efficient and ensure high-quality outputs. Mirakl is also excited to share that we recently hired a Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer, who will continue to drive the use of AI across the organization.

AI has been a core pillar in Mirakl’s business strategy for years, as it’s allowed us to be more ambitious with how we support retailers and B2B enterprises worldwide at scale.

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