Mirakl Introduces Industry-First Capability for Suppliers to Sell on Marketplaces in One Click

- May 27, 2024

Built on Artificial Mirakl Intelligence (AMI), a best of breed mix of Mirakl’s perfectly tuned LLM and integrations with Mistral AI and OpenAI

PARIS / BOSTON – MAY 28, 2024 – Mirakl, the global leader in eCommerce platform business innovation, is launching the first and only LLM-powered technology that allows companies to start listing products on marketplace and dropship platforms in one click. The Catalog Transformer is at the center of this innovation and sets a new bar for catalog onboarding: instead of spending upwards of three months on manual, technical processes to upload and integrate products, businesses can begin selling in a single day. Now in beta, the Catalog Transformer will be generally available later this year.

With the Catalog Transformer, Mirakl is enhancing its multi-channel feed management capabilities on Mirakl Connect, establishing it as a central hub for brands and resellers to easily find, integrate, and manage new Mirakl-powered marketplace and dropship channels. This pioneering solution not only accelerates the eCommerce growth for brands, sellers, retailers and distributors, but also reinforces Mirakl's leadership in AI-powered unowned inventory solutions, including marketplace and dropship.

Brands, sellers, and suppliers of all sizes can centralize their offerings and begin selling on 400+ Mirakl-powered marketplace and dropship platforms in one click, enabling them to focus resources on business impact rather than complex technical processes. Supported catalog import methods range from Excel and CSV to API, SFTP and purpose-built, turnkey connectors with platforms including Shopify, Adobe, Amazon and Salesforce.

With other feed management solutions, we typically need to invest $100,000 and 4 months up front to sell on a new channel, which hinders our ability to scale. Catalog onboarding represents a massive part of this cost. Thanks to Mirakl Connect’s Catalog Transformer and easy integration with the Magento connector, it took us less than 24 hours to import our full catalog data and start listing products. We carefully reviewed the data from Mirakl’s AI-powered conversion and it required little to no changes. Catalog Transformer is nothing short of magic.” Jonathan Attali, Chief Digital Officer, Zadig & Voltaire, Seller on Mirakl Connect.

Integrated into Mirakl Connect and Mirakl Platform, the Catalog Transformer uses Mirakl’s best of breed mix of proprietary AI and partnerships with Mistral AI and OpenAI to:

  • Automatically match product data from a seller’s catalog to the specific requirements of the marketplace or dropship platforms

  • Enhance data quality by correcting inaccuracies and filling in missing information

  • Offer re-writing and translation capabilities to ensure a superior user experience, improved product discoverability, and enhanced SEO rankings

Mirakl’s Catalog Transformer is the first and only generative AI-powered technology to fulfill the promise of platform scale, with unparalleled data accuracy and completeness, never-before-seen speed, and near-limitless growth,” said Philippe Corrot, co-founder and CEO, Mirakl. “With our dedicated team of more than two dozen developers, 6+ years of AI expertise, and partnerships with generative AI pioneers like Mistral, Mirakl is continuously building on the artificial intelligence applications that provide greater value for players throughout the entire ecosystem. This is what we mean when we say that artificial intelligence will change eCommerce and retail.

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