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Tiendanimal Launches 'Pet-Lover's Paradise' - #1 Marketplace for Pet Supplies

Claire Peterschmitt
May 5, 2020
Tiendanimal Launches 'Pet-Lover's Paradise' - #1 Marketplace for Pet Supplies
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eCommerce in Spain amounts to a whopping €30 billion market share with over 35 million users—and another Platform Pioneer has positioned themselves to become a leading within retail eCommerce. This week, Tiendanimal, the #1 online shop for pet products in Spain, announced the launch of their marketplace. The announcement comes on the heals of introducing their new platform at Ecommerce Tour Virtual in Spain on April 25th.

Tiendanimal Marketplace:  a One-Stop-Shop

Tiendanimal’s marketplace—with customers across Spain, Portugal, France and Italy—has added an additional 800 categories to broaden their offering to beyond typical house pet owners. That has meant offering packable products and services to a wider range of pets from horses and farm animals to household cats and dogs. Due to the flexibility of their new strategy, Tiendanimal is able to grow their catalog from 30,000 products to over 300,000 in the coming months.

An Omnichannel Strategy

Tiendanimal has put their omnichannel experience at the forefront of their marketplace strategy. With a physical footprint of 63 stores throughout Spain, their brick-and-mortar locations allow for an experience that can offer added services like grooming, adoption and leverage agility areas. Soon their marketplace will be integrated into their stories, promoting their marketplace products with a showroom and connecting their digital sales to their stores, and giving their customers complete access to the largest pet product offering available.

A Growing Ecosystem

By establishing a new ecosystem of partners and vendors centered around their core value pillars, Tiendanimal has been able to create a healthy competitive business environment and attract companies from beyond their traditional sector to give their customers the best options possible.

Having formed 150 relationships with vendors, Tiendanimal can source products for its customers beyond their normal suppliers and include internationally known brands, as well as local products and small business producers.  Mirakl’s “world-class technology” helped Tiendanimal to launch their marketplace, along with SAP Cloud Commerce and Adyen.

Written by
Claire Peterschmitt
Claire is an Experienced Client Success Consultant at Mirakl. She is a specialist in marketplaces and works to develop strategy projects with her clients.

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