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The World Economic Forum & The Spirit of Davos

Philippe Corrot
January 30, 2020
The World Economic Forum & The Spirit of Davos
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As I sat on the train from Paris to Zurich, on the way to the World Economic Forum, I understood the reasons for attending.

As part of the Next40 and a guest of Bruno Le Maire’s delegation, I was on my way to Davos to symbolize the success of French technology companies at an event focusing on innovation and the partnership between government and industry. Our client, Tetra Pak was also present and announcing the launch of their Mirakl-Powered marketplace, a first in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. As the founder and CEO of Mirakl, I was there to represent my company and my country. But as I had a chance to sit down with heads of industries and governments, Davos taught me about the importance of purpose -- both in what Mirakl does and how it does it.

The Platform Economy

As an early advocate for the platform economy, I sometimes find myself in a position of having to explain and educate companies about the changes retail, manufacturing and procurement have to undergo in order to stay competitive against digital natives like Amazon and Alibaba. But in Davos I was not the only one ringing the warning bell. Decision-makers in industries are finally aware of the urgency of adopting the platform business model to survive. And while some are still struggling to convince certain internal players of the need to change, they know if they don’t disrupt now they will be disrupted.

Davos is about bridging the gap; bringing together the leaders of the world to help them navigate through the transition into a digital economy. Mirakl was there to offer a solution to new challenges and advise on how to do it in a way that will help companies win today and tomorrow.

Tech for Good

As we move towards the 4th Industrial Revolution, we are all at an impasse. Do we move forward with business-as-usual? Or do we stop, look around, and think of what we can do to streamline our processes while having a positive impact on our local communities?

I say stop. Look. Change. Improve.

Not only in a way that will make us and our customers more profitable, but in a way that will make us all proud. This has always been important for Mirakl. As a French company headquartered in Paris in a phase of rapid growth, we are proud of the quality of our diverse French workforce.

And, as we continue to grow globally, we will also continue to #ChooseFrance. We also launched Mirakl Green while I was in Davos this week, with goals and initiatives that will help us lead more sustainable work and personal lives. These ambitions are only the beginning for Mirakl. We want to be leaders in tech but also in equality and sustainability.

Though I’m happy to be back home in Paris, the energy, passion and initiatives from Davos will stay with me throughout the rest of the year. In 2020, I want to pledge to do well by helping businesses win and grow with Mirakl-powered Marketplaces that allow them to sell more, expand their range and put their customers first, and do that in a way that respects the people behind the tech and the communities they live in.

Written by
Philippe Corrot

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