Sysco’s New Mirakl-Powered Marketplace Launches With Over 15,000 Third-Party Products

Marc Teulières - May 21, 2024

Global foodservice provider Sysco is leading the way in B2B digital transformation with its latest initiative: an online marketplace. During Sysco’s 2024 Investor Day call, Chief Administrative Officer Neil Russell officially announced the Sysco Marketplace, a central pillar of its plan to improve core performance, advance its Recipe for Growth strategy and increase shareholder value. The new offering expands customer choice with a wider assortment of niche and specialty products.

The Sysco marketplace, powered by Mirakl, is an essential part of the Recipe for Growth initiative, giving Sysco a highly profitable way to grow into new categories, like non-food and specialty products, while simplifying the life of their customers.

Through Marketplace, we’re able to streamline the shopping experience with a one-stop-shop solution that gives our customers access to over 15,000 niche products such as ethnic spices or gluten-free items to help enhance their menus,” says Neil Russell, Sysco Chief Administrative Officer. “Marketplace complements our Broadline and Specialty offerings to fully serve our customers’ needs and enables us to support smaller suppliers so we can use our scale for good.”


Sysco’s just-launched marketplace took nine months to develop and is live with over 15,000 products available in most Sysco U.S. Broadline locations. It enables third-party suppliers to sell products on Sysco’s digital shopping platform and ship directly to Sysco customers, bringing together:

  • More Assortment and Variety. Customers gain a wide range of diverse new products to choose from, including options such as ethnic, local, organic, and certified choices. All products are available in various pack sizes to meet their needs.

  • Seamless Shopping Experience. Customers can effortlessly search for and purchase third-party products from our new and existing suppliers, while enjoying the same responsive customer support they have come to expect from Sysco.

  • Convenient Check-out and Payment. Checkout is a streamlined experience as today, with clear delivery dates for Marketplace products. Customers will continue using their current payment terms to make purchases and view invoices in one convenient place.

“This partnership between Mirakl and Sysco shows what’s possible when a market leader takes its customers' needs seriously, and has the vision to think creatively about meeting those needs. Sysco’s marketplace will make it even easier for local and independent restaurants to source everything they need for their operations in one place, saving them valuable time and resources. With the leadership of companies like Sysco, marketplaces have become a core offering for wholesale businesses across industries” said Adrien Nussenbaum, Mirakl’s co-CEO.


Marc Teulières,
General Manager, B2B - Mirakl

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