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SalonCentric Partners with Mirakl to Offer Stylists a Whole New Way to Shop

Maya Pattison
June 2, 2021
SalonCentric Partners with Mirakl to Offer Stylists a Whole New Way to Shop
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The beauty industry is getting a makeover. Later this year, SalonCentric, L'Oréal USA's salon professional distribution operation, will launch the industry’s first marketplace dedicated to professional beauty products. Powered by the Mirakl Marketplace Platform and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the marketplace will offer salons and stylists a one-stop destination built on ease, convenience, and efficiency for all of their business purchasing needs.

With the launch, SalonCentric will triple its product offering online, adding more than 350 new third-party vendors to In addition to strengthening their expansive, existing selection, the marketplace will allow SalonCentric to also break into new categories including salon equipment, hair extensions, and salon software and services – solidifying their position as one of the largest wholesale salon & beauty suppliers in the industry.

For salon and spa owners, the move offers them a single, convenient channel to obtain professional products at competitive prices – removing the drain on both time and money that they otherwise spend combing through offers from different websites and multiple suppliers. Now, with the ease and convenience the marketplace provides, these beauty professionals can spend less time tracking down products, and instead focus on those who matter most: Their clients.

In the current economic climate, increased efficiency and cost savings are vital to success for the salon owners and beauty professionals that SalonCentric serves. With this marketplace, SalonCentric is embracing innovation in service of our customers’ success, offering them immediate access to the widest selection of products and brands with a seamless eCommerce experience. Mirakl’s platform and outstanding track record of enabling B2B marketplace success at scale made them the ideal partner for this crucial marketplace initiative.Bertrand Fontaine, President of SalonCentric, a L'Oréal subsidiary

You can hear more from Fontaine, including how SalonCentric plans to utilize the marketplace model by watching the complete session: Platform Pioneer Executive Insights: Manufacturing & Distribution, from this year’s Platform Pioneer Summit, hosted by Mirakl.

With Mirakl’s best-of-breed marketplace solution, SalonCentric will be able to easily onboard new sellers and products as their marketplace continues to grow. The marketplace model has also received early support from vendors who now have another powerful way to grow their business by selling directly to their customers.

B2B leaders across industries are embracing digital innovation by launching online marketplaces, giving buyers the convenient, efficient online experience that they expect. With SalonCentric’s marketplace, L'Oréal USA is leading the pack in beauty, investing in the online experience that will soon become table stakes for B2B wholesalers of all kinds.Adrien Nussenbaum, co-founder and U.S. CEO, Mirakl

The decision to launch an online marketplace, powered by Mirakl, puts SalonCentric alongside more than 300 customers operating the highest-performing, most innovative marketplaces around the world. Part of what elevates them above the competition is the Mirakl Marketplace Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This feature makes integration with the company’s current Salesforce Commerce Cloud eCommerce site simple and accelerates time to market, helping SalonCentric become even stronger and more agile amid ever-rising customer expectations.

Building relationships and knowing your customer is key to the success of any commerce business. For many customers, this requires a suite of integrations made possible by our partners. With the Mirakl Marketplace Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, companies will be able to benefit from more convenience and value, while reducing the time and money spent purchasing supplies and stocking shelves.Lidiane Jones, EVP & GM, Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Written by
Maya Pattison
VP, Corporate Marketing at Mirakl

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