Reitmans Canada Limited Set to Launch a Mirakl-Powered Online Marketplace

Sara Matasci - January 26, 2022

Reitmans (Canada) Limited (RCL) is giving shoppers another way to find a whole new style, with the launch of a Mirakl-Powered Marketplace. Already the country’s largest women’s clothing specialty retailer, the marketplace will allow RCL to further transform the way their customers shop online - offering them a greater selection, at competitive prices, in one convenient location. Launching later in 2022, shoppers will be able to browse a selection of handpicked, high-quality products that complement the existing offerings of Reitmans (Canada) Limited’s three powerful brands: Reitmans, Penningtons, and RW&CO.

“With a marketplace, we’re evolving our business to think of ourselves as a true platform. Mirakl was the only solution that could offer the best-of-breed technology, marketplace expertise, and a proven track record of guiding businesses through this digital transformation,” said Jackie Tardif, President of the Reitmans brand and Executive Sponsor of the RCL Market Project. “Partnering with Mirakl gives us the confidence of knowing that we can grow at scale while remaining true to the DNA of our brands and to our values.”

Changing expectations

The rise of eCommerce has fundamentally changed the behaviors and expectations of shoppers around the world, a shift that accelerated dramatically in 2020 and remains true today. According to Mirakl’s recent global survey, The State of Online Marketplace Adoption, marketplace adoption rose dramatically in the early days of the pandemic, and consumers don’t plan on going back to traditional eCommerce models. Today, two-thirds (66%) of consumers globally prefer eCommerce websites that have an online marketplace over those that do not.

As a life-long leader in the evolution of fashion and retail, Reitmans (Canada) Limited views their upcoming marketplace - set to launch later this year - as a way to respond to and surpass these growing expectations, offering shoppers access to an expanded, curated selection of high-quality brands – domestic and international – in both new and existing categories. While their catalog will grow significantly with the addition of the marketplace, Reitmans (Canada) Limited promises shoppers the same exceptional experience they’ve always known - staying true to the commitment they made back in 1926 to always provide affordable fashion and exceptional customer service.

“The retail landscape is changing quickly, and to remain a leader you must work to address the growing needs of an increasingly digital consumer base,” said Adrien Nussenbaum, co-founder and co-CEO, Mirakl. “With the launch of its Mirakl-Powered Marketplace, Reitmans is giving shoppers even more choice and selection to complement its core assortment. We are proud to partner with Reitmans and continue their tradition of an exceptional buyers’ experience both on- and offline, as they embrace the future of eCommerce."

Join the RCL Market

Reitmans (Canada) Limited is currently searching for partners to join them in their marketplace venture, serving Canadian customers from coast to coast. Canadian and intentional brands – large or small – interested in being part of RCL’s expansive network of more than 400 stores and eCommerce channels, should contact the RCL Market team to apply.


Sara Matasci,
Director, Corporate Marketing at Mirakl

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