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Marketplace Milestones: Celebrating a year of platform achievements

Lison Laissus
January 11, 2019
Marketplace Milestones: Celebrating a year of platform achievements
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As we bid farewell to 2018 and welcome in the new year, we want to take a moment to celebrate a groundbreaking year for platform achievements. With 50% of global eCommerce sales occurring through marketplaces and platforms, it’s never been more important to celebrate innovation. Mirakl customers were a driving force behind this new Platform Revolution in 2018, so we’re excited to share what a few have been up to.


Location: Brazil Profile: The leading retailer in Brazil with stores across the country and a vast online catalogue. This is Carrefour’s 2nd biggest market outside France selling more than 25 million products each year.

Their Platform Journey: Carrefour Brazil hit a significant milestone this year, following their decision to accelerate their marketplace strategy during the beginning of 2018. They added an impressive 1,200 new sellers who have been on-boarded and activated alongside more than 600,000 new active offers! Carrefour has a bold strategy on marketplace - opening their categories to all suppliers they allow competition with their own products.The results from this approach have been extremely positive, not only for the marketplace (which now accounts for 20% of their total eCommerce), but also for Carrefour’s eCommerce business more widely which posted 3-digit growth in 2017. A truly inspiring retailer who is fearless!


Location: Mexico Profile: Liverpool is a mid-to-high end retailer operating the largest chain of department stores in Mexico, including some 23 shopping malls including Perisur and Galerías Monterrey.

Their Marketplace Journey: The Mexican retail market is flourishing with three of every four Mexicans aged 18-35 buying online during the first half of 2018. Liverpool wanted to embrace a true omnichannel approach, creating a best-in-class experience for their customers across all shopping channels. To achieve their strategy they stepped up their omnichannel capabilities so that orders were streamlined across website, app, store kiosks and tablets and their call center.


Location: Spain Profile: Coperama is the #1 Procurement Platform for the hotel sector in Spain. Coperama belongs to NH Hotels Group who report global revenues €1,6 billion and are one of the top 10 hotel chains in Europe from the beautiful island of Mallorca.Their Marketplace Journey: Coperama has reinvented the e-procurement model by developing a scalable new platform which is able to offer a large range of products and services for the hospitality industry. From day 1, this platform has enabled them to sell to not only NH Hotels, but also other hotels. They now have more than 800 providers on the platform. All with improved visibility and customer care.


** Location:** France Profile: Première Vision belongs to GL Events offering a celebrated and specialized exhibition for fashion professionals, which gathers twice a year and includes 1,900 fashion-focused exhibitors featuring threads, fabrics, leather, sketches, accessories and confection. Their Platform Journey: Première Vision wanted to extend the commercial opportunities they offer to their exhibitors and buyers outside the two core tradeshows they run each year - the answer was to launch an “online booth” available year round. This is the first marketplace of its kind and at the forefront of the fashion industry setting trends we are sure others will be quick to follow.


Location: Germany Profile: Siemens is a global powerhouse focusing on electrification, automation and digitalization in the mobility industry. One of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is a leading supplier of systems for power generation and transmission as well as medical diagnosis.

Their Platform Journey: Siemens Mobility wanted to be the first provider to transform its online offering into a highly scalable one-stop shop for all material requirements in the mobility industry – from trains and infrastructure components to locomotives. By expanding the portfolio to include products from other vendors, they could improve their customers' shopping experience.  Easy Spare Marketplace was built within Siemens' existing online platform (Railmall) available for customers orders since 2001. The project launched in just 5 months, proving you can be be both comprehensive and speedy with a marketplace project!

Here's to 2019What a year it’s been! Some fantastic platform and marketplace projects - proof that whatever your industry, product type and business model - this is a truly transformative way to meet your customers' demands.For more information subscribe to our blog to be the first to hear about how marketplace and platform are leading the revolution.

Written by
Lison Laissus
Customer Marketing Manager

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