Mirakl Dropship Platform

A dropship solution that enables scale and flexibility

Optimize your assortment strategy while maintaining control of pricing decisions and the end-to-end relationship with your customers with Mirakl Dropship Platform. 

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"With dropship, we can give our customers more choice across categories and achieve growth in a highly competitive space. Mirakl was the standout for us to get to market faster - they offer all of the features plus easy to extend APIs so we avoid writing from scratch."

Paula Mitchell
Digital General Manager, Freedom Furniture

Gain operational efficiency to maximize profitability

Lower costs with out-of-the-box tools and dashboards to better control your business performance.

  • Eliminate manual processes

    Replace spreadsheets and emails with Mirakl’s advanced interface to validate SKUs, control cost updates, monitor supplier performance and manage daily activities.

  • Improve business strategy with more insights

    Monitor data on robust dashboards with in-depth supplier performance metrics for better control of the business.

  • Manage price for profitability

    Get real-time cost updates to determine retail prices that help achieve profitability goals. 


"This has been really well-received by customers who also complement the H&M assortment with other brands...we need to focus on making sure that we have the right kind of backbone, for example the right logistics, to really secure profitable growth.

Helena Helmersson
CEO, H&M Group

Enhance product data and increase time to market

Get products live 21% faster with flexible onboarding and frictionless catalog integration powered by AI.

  • Fast supplier onboarding and management

    Self-service tools for suppliers and connectivity options like API, EDI, FTP, aggregators, .csv/.xml and more enable rapid onboarding of suppliers and their catalogs with fewer resources. 

  • Innovative AI and automation to improve quality

    With Mirakl, technology does the heavy lifting for businesses and its suppliers to reduce overhead costs. AI assigns products in the right categories with the proper attributes, predicts supplier non-compliance, and speeds up product page completion and enrichment.

  • Unlock a powerful network of quality suppliers

    Discover new product assortments and access a growing ecosystem with more than 13,000 curated suppliers with Mirakl Connect. Get fast time to market with vetted suppliers with a clear focus on quality assortment, exceptional customer experience and equipped with integrations with Salesforce, Shopify, Adobe and Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment.


Deliver seamless customer experience for revenue growth

Customize supplier SLAs to drive performance and deliver a consistent shopping journey.

  • Performance quality control

    Define quality control metrics and keep a pulse on your supplier performance to ensure they meet your standards.

  • Future-proof assortment strategies

    Extend your catalog with increased supply chain agility, keeping full control over your product data quality while delivering a seamless shopping experience between your owned and unowned inventories.

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The data and statistics we are capturing through Mirakl provided us the opportunity to innovate and create many automations. This has helped drive down our own SLA benchmarks and also improve our partners' performance on a daily basis."

Dvir Cohen
Co-Founder and CTO, Snappy Gifts
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