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New Mirakl Connect Customer Care Dashboard Empowers Marketplace Sellers to Streamline Operations

Alexandre Dauber
April 4, 2022
New Mirakl Connect Customer Care Dashboard Empowers Marketplace Sellers to Streamline Operations
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As marketplace sellers and brands continue to adopt a multi-marketplace strategy, the ability to scale customer service operations and seamlessly address a growing number of customer messages is vital to ensure customer satisfaction. The new Mirakl Connect Customer Care Dashboard makes efficient and scalable customer care management effortless.

Centralized customer care operations across multiple marketplaces

With more than 61% of consumers willing to take their business to a competitor after a poor customer service experience, finding a solution that enables excellent high-quality customer care is critical to retain customers, drive loyalty, and support business growth.This is especially true for marketplace sellers who nowadays need to deliver this high level of customer care across multiple marketplaces. For these sellers, a solution that helps triage and prioritize customer messages, mitigate escalations and optimize customer satisfaction is necessary to ensure their business operations can scale as their marketplace business grows.With the Customer Care Dashboard from Mirakl Connect (the industry’s largest marketplace operations hub), third-party sellers selling on Mirakl-Powered Marketplaces can efficiently manage and respond to all customer messages in one intuitive, centralized dashboard, also reducing risk for error.


We used to manage customer messages by marketplace. Now, thanks to Mirakl Connect and with all messages in one place, we can sort by message priority, which helps our team be more efficient. Mélanie B, Customer Service Manager, Alienor Distribution, selling across 6 Mirakl-Powered Marketplaces.

By managing and responding to all customer messages through a single interface, sellers no longer need to log in to each marketplace’s back office. In addition, response time SLAs are achieved and customers are satisfied as sellers can sort and prioritize messages by several criteria including date, order ID, conversation topic and customer name. While for marketplace operators, the new Customer Care Dashboard delivers optimized seller-managed customer care, driving higher customer satisfaction.

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Before the release of the Customer Care Dashboard in Mirakl Connect, we had to connect to 3 different accounts for 1 single marketplace. This process was long and painful for our team and we often forgot some messages. Now, with a single interface, we can avoid errors, save time and exceed deadlines. Adeline Gambier, Account Manager, Groupe VSD, a multi-brand homeware business selling 5 brands across more than 10 Mirakl-Powered Marketplaces.

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The centralization of customer messages to a single dashboard saves us a lot of time and will allow us to manage selling on more and more marketplaces quite easily.  Léa Ferroli, eCommerce Customer Service manager, Market Maker, a multi-brand business selling across more than 10 Mirakl-Powered Marketplaces.

The first of many new seller tools to be released on Mirakl Connect, the Customer Care Dashboard is the ideal solution for any business wishing to take their multi-marketplace business to the next level.Are you a seller looking to streamline customer care operations across multiple marketplaces?

Sign up to Mirakl Connect today to access this new feature and unlock the limitless growth potential of the marketplace model.

Written by
Alexandre Dauber
Senior Vice President at Mirakl - Developing Mirakl Connect, the central hub and platform for digital marketplace operators, curated sellers, and service providers.

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