Mirakl Stands Behind Families

Mirakl - March 10, 2020

At Mirakl, we believe in supporting initiatives that uphold our values around equality, employee engagement and work-life balance. And while we are growing fast, with 300 employees across the world, we know it’s imperative that these initiatives remain the backbone of who Mirakl is today and who it will be tomorrow.

In addition to a commitment to gender diversity (and a gender index score of 97/100) and sustainable initiatives under Mirakl Green, we’ve signed on to the Parental Act. Originally supported by 105 French entrepreneurs, the movement has grown into a more prominent voice for support of the second parent when they welcome a child into the world.

At Mirakl, we understand that our employees - our people -  are behind the success of our company and the success of our customers’ Marketplaces. And we want our internal policies to reflect that. This is why we’ve aimed to go above the current parental policies in place and cover 100% one month paid parental leave for the second parent. For all of our teams at Mirakl not just in France but globally.

With this pledge, we commit to:

  • Supporting the second parent despite sex or marital status.

  • Covering this leave by 100%, because finances should not play a part in determining whether a parent is present in this crucial time of life.

  • Actively encouraging our employees to take advantage of this leave, which we perceive as a fundamental right and not just a perk.

As a mum, I know how precious and crazy the first few weeks with a newborn are. And this past year, many of our employees have welcomed children of their own, and even more Mirakl employees will become parents in 2020. I am proud to kick off this initiative at Mirakl and excited about the impact this will have on our new mothers and fathers.