Mirakl obtains 97/100 in the professional gender equality index

Paris, March 2nd 2020 – Mirakl confirms its status as a firm committed to gender equality, and more broadly, to the fight against all types of discrimination. This commitment is reflected in the professional gender equality index rating of 97/100 obtained in 2019.  

The French law of September 5, 2018 regarding the freedom to choose one’s professional future, has created an index of professional equality between men and women, requiring companies to calculate their level of equity and take corrective measures in the case of non-compliance.

Well above the average of 82/100 obtained by firms with over 250 employees, Mirakl received 97/100 in 2019, after achieving 95/100 in 2018 and 99/100 in 2017… The stability of the index ratings is remarkable, given the fact that the company’s staff has doubled in the past three years. 

For Mirakl SAS, which has between 50 and 250 employees, the index was calculated based on:

  • The pay gap between women and men,
  • The gap in individual pay raises between women and men,
  • The number of employees who benefit from a salary increase in the year following their return from maternity leave,
  • Gender equality among the 10 highest salaries in the company.

Noëlla Gavier, Director of Human Resources at Mirakl explains: “I am proud of this result, which highlights the fact that our teams naturally value equality. The qualities that are objectively considered during the hiring process or for career development opportunities are the employee’s particular skills and achievements. The staff members on maternity leave or back from maternity leave are treated in the same manner as all employees in terms of salary reviews and promotions.” 

This is the result of other initiatives undertaken for gender equality, particularly for parental leave. Aiming to push back the boundaries by going above and beyond the law that offers 11 days of paid leave of absence for the second parent, Mirakl has recently introduced a one-month paid leave plan for the 2nd parent.

Mirakl constantly strives to maintain this index at a high level as it is fundamental to preserve gender equality in the company.


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