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Mirakl Named a Best Place to Work in 2020

Amelia Van Camp
January 24, 2020
Mirakl Named a Best Place to Work in 2020
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We are honored to kick off 2020 by being named to Built In Boston’s list of Best Places to Work 2020. Mirakl was recognized as a Best Midsize Company to Work for and a Best Paying Company. So what makes Mirakl a best place to work? If you ask the team, one of the things you will hear is that our French roots are key to the company’s unique culture. There is a “joie de vivre” that runs deep at Mirakl.While many technology companies have relied heavily on things like ping-pong tables and nap rooms, at Mirakl we don’t believe these things bring true happiness or fulfillment in one's work. Instead, Mirakl’s office culture is centered around activities that bring colleagues together, make the team healthier, and reinforce the importance of balance and passion.

At Mirakl, you won’t find employees hurriedly eating lunch over their computer; instead the team is encouraged to take time, eat together and enjoy lively debate. At lunch our teams happily sit with colleagues from different teams and discuss everything from current projects to favorite podcasts to heavy hitting topics like which sport is truly “football” - American football or soccer. Once a month guest speakers are brought in for more formal Lunch & Learns to provide insights on topics ranging from stress management to crêpe making lessons.

The Mirakl team bonding over French cooking lessons To prioritize health, Mirakl offers in-house yoga weekly giving colleagues a chance to relax and bond over fitness. And in the name of fun and competition, colleagues have been known to challenge each other to a fitness contest (or two).

The Mirakl team enjoying in-office private yoga lessons_In addition to creating an environment where employees feel tremendous passion for their daily work, Mirakl believes employees should have a fulfilling life outside of work. Today, unlimited PTO has become popular among startups. However, studies show employees with unlimited PTO actually take less vacation and feel anxious when doing so. At Mirakl, we know the importance of recharging and want to encourage employees to explore the world and their passions. We offer employees a generous French-inspired 5 weeks of vacation. This year employees put their vacation time to good use and traveled to French Polynesia, The Galapagos, Amsterdam, Peru, Taiwan, The Grand Canyon and more.

Mirakl team members enjoy lunch together in Nice, France Mirakl’s passion for work and life has been a winning formula. Mirakl has grown its headcount by 200% in the past two years, and saw an impressive 77% year-over-year revenue growth and over $1.5B GMV achieved by Mirakl-powered Marketplaces in 2019. It’s Mirakl’s strong culture that makes it an exceptional place to work, and leading technology that leads to our customers’ dramatic success.

Our fast paced growth will continue throughout 2020, so if you are looking for the next evolution in your career, check out our current open job listings here.

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Written by
Amelia Van Camp
Amelia is the Director of People Operations for Mirakl. If you are looking for the next evolution in your career, be sure to reach out.

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