Leading Pharmacy Chain Super-Pharm Embraces the Platform Revolution

Eva Bearryman - April 15, 2021

Now more than ever, people are relying on telemedicine. Pharmacy eCommerce and online services, including prescription fulfilment and delivery, are the next natural step in this progression, as has been seen with the launch of Amazon Pharmacy. Platform Pioneer Super-Pharm launched their marketplace in 2020. We spoke to Michael Mitrani, Head of Marketplace, Digital Products and Innovation at Super-Pharm, and speaker at the upcoming Platform Pioneer Summit, to discuss the company's marketplace journey.

Online pharmacies, the new normal

Players in the online pharmacy industry, set to pass revenues of over $131 billion globally by 2025, are stepping up to the challenge of digital transformation. Boots, the UK’s leading pharmacy, health and beauty business, is just one example. The company doubled the capacity of over the lockdown period and increased the capacity of its free online repeat prescription deliveries, driving a 78% increase in online sales.

While pharmacy retailers will be hoping for an increase in footfall as shops reopen, there is no doubt consumer habits have changed forever and the trend for online shopping is set to stay. Consumers are looking for the same speed of service when they order medicines or health products online as they get when they purchase a pair of shoes. They want guaranteed product availability and range, plus speedy delivery. The marketplace model can serve to make the future of medicine and health product supply more efficient in a time when healthcare systems are under unprecedented high levels of stress.

Super-Pharm’s ambitious eCommerce strategy

Mirakl Platform Pioneer Super-Pharm launched their marketplace in November 2020. The leading Israeli pharmacy chain with 250+ branches, Super-Pharm provides an innovative retail concept combining pharmacy, health, and beauty products.

“We already had a very ambitious eCommerce strategy with high traffic to our website. Building on our strong existing online presence, Mirakl helped us to recognise the potential of the marketplace model to scale our offering. The agility of the marketplace allows us to both grow our assortment on core categories beyond products offered in our stores and launch new categories with a comprehensive range of brands for each new category. The marketplace enables us to expand and become a leader in categories underserved by other online retailers. Our top priority is always our customers’ health and satisfaction, and thanks to the marketplace, we can meet shoppers’ increasing demand for a wide variety of medical, health and beauty products, all available via a one-stop online shop, our marketplace.” Michael Mitrani, Head of Marketplace, Digital Products and Innovation, Super-Pharm

“We are also very excited by the flexibility our marketplace offers to onboard both local sellers but also grow internationally. We chose Mirakl to power our marketplace because of the team’s expertise. Every step of the way, they were able to accompany us to build a technically superior marketplace and a vision that aligns perfectly with our digital transformation strategy.”


Snapshot: The Super-Pharm Marketplace

  • Over 120 sellers onboarded since the launch of the marketplace in November 2020.

  • 10,000 marketplace products, contributing to a 50% increase in products available via the Super-Pharm website.

  • New categories onboarded thanks to the marketplace include: sports equipment, footwear, kitchen appliances, toys, home storage and organization products, laptops, smartphones, baby seats, boosters and strollers, and many more!

  • Through their marketplace, Super-Pharm is looking to onboard more international sellers to reach 300 sellers and 30K additional SKUs by end 2021.

Digital transformation momentum in the online pharmacy and health industry is growing at speed. Super-Pharm and other Platform Pioneers in the health and pharmacy industry - Happytal, Kroger, League, Premier and Shop Apotheke – are already reaping the benefits of the marketplace model.

Attend the Mirakl Platform Pioneer Summit 2021 on 5 May to hear directly from Michael Mitrani on Super-Pharm’s marketplace best practices.

Eva Bearryman,
Communications, PR & Content Manager

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