Industry Pioneer Stadium Launches Sports Marketplace

Luca Cassina - October 11, 2021

Stadium, Sweden’s number one sports chain, is no stranger to innovation. Now they are taking their digital transformation to the next level with the launch of their Mirakl-powered Marketplace Stadium Connect.

Swedish consumers are increasingly choosing to shop online. In the last year alone, the total revenue of the Swedish eCommerce market increased by 40% and the marketplace model is increasingly being adopted in the region. Stadium is one of the earliest Swedish retailers to launch their own marketplace.

“We started looking into the idea of a marketplace as early as a couple of years ago. We know that our customers - sports enthusiasts - are constantly looking for a bigger range of products across more types of sports. Through the marketplace, we can ensure we have the products they are looking for. We choose to power Stadium Connect with the Mirakl Marketplace Platform because it is industry-leading technology, driven by a team of highly experienced experts. We are already seeing a lot of interest in the marketplace among both our customers and our partners.” Tommy Resin, Head of Marketplace at Stadium

Stadium is Sweden’s leading sports and sports fashion chain in both in-store and online sales, with a steady growth of visitors and revenue in recent years. With Stadium Connect, the offer is growing across categories where Stadium is already prominent, as well as in new areas such as surfing, martial arts, fitness, and equestrian equipment.

Prior to the marketplace, Stadium already offered customers direct access to major brands such as Adidas and Nike. With the launch of Stadium Connect, the company is taking the next step so that both big and small sports brands across a range of product categories can join the marketplace. Stadium is offering partner brands access to a target base of customers who are living an active lifestyle with a big interest in sports and sports fashion. There has been significant interest from partner sellers and brands including Craft, Casall, Surfskjulet and Didriksons have already joined the marketplace. By integrating the marketplace directly into the existing Stadium website and Stadium’s outlet sites, consumers will also have an enhanced and seamless shopping experience.

Sustainability Through the Stadium Marketplace


The marketplace model also provides Stadium with the opportunity to fulfil their sustainability commitments by sourcing sellers who are environmentally conscious. Once sellers and brands, such as Adidas, join the marketplace, their sustainable products are displayed with a green heart with detail provided in the product description on how it meets sustainability criteria. This functionality allows consumers to clearly find the products that are sustainably sourced or produced.

"We wanted to become a niche marketplace, one with a curated offering of products. Our marketplace has allowed us to do this and also go one step further to offer sellers the opportunity to differentiate themselves as sustainable to consumers. This will go towards reaching our goal to reduce the climate impact of our brands by 50% by 2025,” Tommy added.

Interested in learning more about the Stadium marketplace? Access this on-demand webinar or contact the Mirakl Team.

Luca Cassina,

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