With FastTrack Onboarding From Mirakl Connect, Scale Your Multi-Marketplace Business with Ease

Alexandre Dauber - September 13, 2022

Enterprise marketplaces level the playing field for sellers of all sizes, making it possible to quickly gain access to large, international audiences. However, growing a business across multiple marketplaces has historically been a time-consuming process, restricting sellers to just a few marketplace channels and limiting scalable growth.

The process of onboarding to multiple marketplaces can be a significant barrier to entry for many sellers, and as many as 25% eventually scale back their channel strategy or stop selling on marketplaces entirely as a result. Furthermore, many of the onboarding solutions currently on the market don’t offer the flexibility needed to integrate into custom back office systems, and lack robust functionality to provide a holistic overview of multi-marketplace operations. 

To help sellers overcome this complexity, Mirakl is introducing FastTrack Onboarding, a new functionality within Mirakl Connect. With FastTrack Onboarding, marketplace sellers can quickly sell on multiple marketplaces powered by the Mirakl Marketplace Platform after onboarding just once in Mirakl Connect. FastTrack Onboarding removes the need to replicate the full onboarding process for each marketplace, unlocking the full potential of the enterprise marketplace ecosystem for sellers.

How FastTrack Onboarding works

From early 2023, FastTrack Onboarding will allow sellers to complete one onboarding flow in Mirakl Connect and sell on hundreds of marketplaces with ease.

Our Mirakl Connect marketplace revenue continues to grow 55% month over month and with the Mirakl API integration we have almost entirely automated our marketplace operations.Eric Martindale - Founder, Elite Commerce Group, a seller in Mirakl Connect selling on several Mirakl-powered Marketplaces

FastTrack Onboarding is a simple, four-step process:

  1. Create a seller profile by adding the information and documentation needed to create new marketplace stores

  2. Complete the KYC process by uploading documents and financial information

  3. Import and sync inventory and prices through one of Mirakl’s eCommerce platform connectors or via API

  4. Configure shipping methods with delivery zones, methods and prices

Once a seller has completed the FastTrack Onboarding flow, they can easily contact hundreds of marketplace partners within Mirakl Connect, onboard in moments and start selling – all without ever leaving Mirakl Connect. 

Sellers will also be able to manage orders for all of their marketplace channels directly in Mirakl Connect, or through Mirakl APIs and connectors for Shopify and soon PrestaShop, to manage orders directly in their own back office system.

Growth without limits

FastTrack Onboarding from Mirakl Connect removes the hurdles that stand between sellers and a truly scalable, profitable, multi-marketplace business strategy. Sellers no longer need to make tough decisions about which enterprise marketplace channels to prioritize. Instead, they’ll have access to a simple, effective method to easily test selling on various marketplaces.  They can easily onboard and manage operations across hundreds of marketplaces with ease, leading to rapid, sustainable growth.

Want to be prepared for the launch of FastTrack Onboarding at the beginning of next year? Join Mirakl Connect now to start selling on the hundreds of marketplaces powered by Mirakl.

Alexandre Dauber,
Senior Vice President at Mirakl - Developing Mirakl Connect, the central hub and platform for digital marketplace operators, curated sellers, and service providers.

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