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Retail Media

Retail media solutions optimized for your online marketplace

Capture the growing retail media opportunity and optimize ROI for advertisers with a solution that works seamlessly across 1P & 3P assortment.

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Existing solutions do not support today’s eCommerce landscape

While retail media represents a growing opportunity for online retailers to monetize web traffic, existing solutions fall short, lacking the control, visibility and buying experience required to deliver the desired ROI.

  • Only work with owned products

    Existing retail media solutions can’t handle more than one seller offering a product, meaning third-party sellers could sponsor a product and not be the one to make the sale.

  • Media-centric performance metrics

    Advertisers are looking for smart new ways to invest their advertising budget and ROI tied to sales, but existing solutions are still exclusively focused on exposure.

  • Irrelevant sponsored ads

    Not presenting the right product to the right customers results in lower click through rates, less retail media program revenues, and poor customer experiences.


projected spending in digital retail media by the end of 2027 globally.


Designed by retail media experts, optimized for marketplace

Mirakl combines its expertise in eCommerce best practices, product data management and conversion optimization to deliver Mirakl Ads. It’s an innovative retail media solution designed to generate more sales and greater profits from digital advertising spend.

  • A marketplace-ready solution

    Compatible with marketplace, drop ship and first-party eCommerce, working seamlessly across digital product assortment while factoring in products with multiple sellers, ‘buy box’ and more.

  • Convert site traffic into greater profit

    Publishers are empowered to define campaign performance metrics, resulting in higher clickthrough rate (CTR) and more advertising revenue.

  • Deliver higher quality buying experiences

    Mirakl Ads is purpose-built to optimize the buying experience, surfacing the most relevant sponsored ads to the right customers, leveraging Mirakl’s proprietary AI.

  • Actionable insights to optimize ad spend

    With actionable insights tied directly to sales performance, publishers, advertisers and third-party sellers can refine strategies to enhance the buying experience and maximize ROI.


Mirakl’s ‘Digital Ads-in-a-Box’ solution for publishers

Pre-built integrations, automation and professional services let publishers and marketplace operators focus on optimizing digital advertising program performance.

  • Integrate quickly and seamlessly

    Mirakl understands what it takes to integrate with a marketplace environment, delivering pre-built integrations for stores, catalogs, and more to accelerate program launch.

  • Optimize campaign management

    Unlike existing solutions that allow dynamic bidding for auctions to go unchecked, Mirakl Ads empowers users to define campaign performance metrics, ensuring more ad revenue.

  • Launch and grow faster with Mirakl

    Mirakl’s team of retail media experts help you scale a retail media program from setup to campaign operations.


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A next-gen retail media platform for advertisers

Mirakl Ads provides advertisers and marketplace sellers with a unified solution to maximize return on digital advertising spend.

  • Simplify digital advertising programs

    Mirakl Ads unified solution eliminates the need for multiple marketplace logins, additional integration and disparate budgets, so advertisers and marketplace sellers can focus on optimizing ad spend.

  • Generate more third-party sales with precision

    Marketplace sellers optimize ROI with campaign recommendations that take sales data, CTR, conversion rates, store catalog and more to determine which sponsored ad will perform best.

  • View sales-oriented performance metrics

    Mirakl delivers relevant campaign performance metrics spanning impressions, clicks, and Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) plus closed loop attribution.


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