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Phone House adds $1M in new sales in just 2 months with its Marketplace

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The leading retail specialist in telephony and communications for Spain, Phone House established its first retail store in 1997 just as the mobile industry was taking off. The company has since grown to more than 500 retail stores plus a fast-growing online presence.
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Miguel Arribashead of eCommerce, Phone House

With the virtually unlimited scale that our new Mirakl Marketplace allows, Phone House can now offer the widest selection and even the most hard-to-find telephony products our customers may need.

Miguel Arribas

Phone House’s Marketplace Project

  • Context and objectives

    As a specialist in telecommunications, Phone House had clearly defined its core product offering and found its niche as a benchmark in the Spanish mobile market for more than 20 years. But, recognizing that business growth could only come from moving outside its comfort zone, the company determined that a marketplace strategy was the smartest play to expand its offering and its customer base. However, the learning curve was an issue, both internally and for its customers who had preconceived expectations of the Phone House brand, while the technical implementation posed a formidable challenge.

  • Why Mirakl

    The technical integration was the biggest concern of Phone House, as they needed a platform with the scalability to support the massive number of new products and that could integrate seamlessly with their existing website. Mirakl’s B2C Marketplace Platform offered the ideal solution to satisfy Phone House’s needs and ease its transition: “The ease of integration was remarkable,” said Miguel Arribas, head of e-commerce with Phone House. “Without Mirakl’s well-designed back-end infrastructure, developing the marketplace would have been much more complex, and frankly impossible with our existing resources”.

  • Marketplace results

    Since its launch in October 2018, the Phone House marketplace has already generated $1 million (900,000€) in new sales in just the first two months. As the company works to build out its omni-channel presence throughout 2019, Phone House customers will soon be able to pick up marketplace orders in-store, and the company will analyze its marketplace sales to surface the most in-demand products, adding these to its bricks-and-mortar inventory across its 500+ stores. Thanks to the Mirakl platform, Phone House expects to not only strengthen its online and offline sales presence but also enhance customer demand and satisfaction.

    • $1 million in marketplace sales in just 2 months

    • 120X more SKUs available

    • Streamlined seller onboarding and management

    • Omnichannel growth opportunities (Project)


Marketplace results

  • ×2

    catalog extension

  • +35

    brands onboarded through careful selection process

  • 5

    new product categories launched

  • 2

    only 2 people dedicated to marketplace management

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