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Mirakl Introduces Marketplace Connector to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Making it Easier to Launch & Grow a Marketplace Business

July 13, 2020
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Mirakl’s pre-built connectors to leading eCommerce platforms accelerate marketplace launch & management with packaged solutions that save time, money & effort PARIS, BOSTON, LONDON, MUNICH – July 13, 2020 – Mirakl, the leading eCommerce marketplace solutions provider, today announced a new Mirakl connector designed to streamline Mirakl Marketplace integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The Mirakl Marketplace Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud can reduce the cost, effort, and time of adding an online marketplace into existing eCommerce sites by connecting the tools and data required to build, manage and grow a platform business. Built on Commerce Cloud, the new Mirakl connector is currently available at The new Mirakl connector combines the power and functionality of dozens of APIs into a single, plug-and-play package making it even easier for organizations to get a marketplace up and running quickly and reduce the burden of ongoing maintenance. The connector enables:

  • Improved customer experience - a frictionless buying experience, fewer out of stocks and higher average order value drives increased revenue and profit.

  • Faster time to market - the combination of a pre-built integration, rapid seller onboarding, and easy catalog integration gets marketplaces up and generating revenue quickly.

  • Reduced cost of operations – as a result of the tighter integration into Salesforce Commerce Cloud and the robust capabilities of the Mirakl Marketplace Platform businesses can operate and grow their marketplace more efficiently.

“The marketplace is proving to be a successful, resilient and fast-growing eCommerce model,” said Andy Peebler, Vice President, Global GTM with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. “This new connector allows customers to deploy a sophisticated global marketplace strategy, backed by Mirakl’s robust technology and deep expertise.”

Capabilities that accelerate time to market

With marketplace sales growing fast, companies need solutions that allow them to strike while the iron is hot and put the marketplace model to work quickly. While a manual Mirakl Marketplace integration is always an option, the Mirakl Marketplace Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud greatly simplifies and accelerates the process by:

  • Providing full integration with Mirakl Catalog Manager to aggregate catalogs from third-party sellers and enrich the quality and presentation of product information;

  • Expanding the existing Salesforce catalog with the option to include multiple offers per product from multiple sellers and in various conditions;

  • Extending Salesforce Storefront Reference Architecture to provide an end-to-end customer journey from product lookup to order placement;

  • Enabling mixed shopping carts in Salesforce that combine first-party and multiple third-party product sales; and synchronizing data seamlessly across Salesforce Commerce Cloud and the Mirakl Marketplace Platform for real-time offer and order management.

The Mirakl Marketplace Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud not only includes all services and jobs required to complete the integration, but also comes with the full support of Mirakl’s seasoned experts with the experience and skills it takes to plan, launch, and grow a successful online marketplace business. “We’re committed to investing in the technology our customers need to quickly get ahead of the pack as pioneers in the platform economy, and building our connector library is just one way we’re delivering on that promise,” said Philippe Corrot, co-founder and CEO, Mirakl. “No other marketplace provider offers the features, functionality, scalability and simplicity you get with Mirakl, and we’re eager to collaborate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud customers to help them realize the power of the marketplace model.” For more information about how a Mirakl-powered Marketplace empowers you to offer more, learn more, and sell more with a platform model that is asset light, margin rich and adaptive to a changing business landscape, visit About Mirakl Mirakl is powering the platform economy by providing the technology, expertise and partner ecosystem needed to launch an eCommerce marketplace. With the Mirakl Marketplace Platform, both B2B and B2C businesses can offer more, learn more and sell more: increase the number of products available for buyers, grow the lifetime value of customers, and anticipate buyer needs and preferences. Committed to ease of use, the Mirakl Marketplace Platform is a turn-key solution that’s easy to integrate into any eCommerce platform and Mirakl Catalog Manager makes managing product data quality simple at marketplace scale. Mirakl’s unmatched marketplace expertise is key to customers’ success. Mirakl employs a team of 60+ marketplace experts who help clients adopt best practices and client success provides critical long-term strategic guidance. Over 250 customers in 40 countries trust Mirakl’s proven technology and expertise. Customers include many notable B2C companies such as Best Buy (Canada) and Urban Outfitters, and a diverse set of B2B clients across a range of use cases including Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Siemens, and Toyota Material Handling. Media Contact: Maya Pattison Vice President, Corporate Marketing +1-844-264-7255

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