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Coravin Partners with Mirakl to Uncork Industry-First Wine Lover’s Online Marketplace

June 11, 2020
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Mirakl-Powered Platform Allows Wine Tech Innovator to Expand its Offerings with Exclusive Wine-Related Products, Services & Experiences; New Retail Outlet Helps Wineries Rekindle Sales Lost to Coronavirus-Related Closures

BOSTON – June 11, 2020 – Mirakl, the leading eCommerce marketplace solutions provider, today announced it has partnered with Coravin, Inc., the premier global wine technology company, to launch the wine industry’s first one-stop-shop eCommerce marketplace for premium wine and wine-related products, services, and experiences.

Aimed at everyone from fine wine connoisseurs and collectors to mainstream wine aficionados, the Coravin Marketplace features a wide selection of fine wines from carefully curated vineyards, as well as unique offerings like wine collection insurance, wine tours, tasting experiences, and accessories not available anywhere else online or in stores.

To streamline the customer experience, the Mirakl Marketplace Platform seamlessly extends Coravin’s existing Magento eCommerce site. This provides a unified experience with consolidated shopping cart, checkout and order tracking & reporting. With the Mirakl Connector for Magento Marketplace Sellers, Coravin will be able to quickly onboard marketplace sellers in just a few clicks. For Coravin’s customers, third-party products blend seamlessly with Coravin’s current eCommerce catalog for an easy and familiar shopping experience. On the back end, the Mirakl platform helps Coravin easily onboard sellers, grow and optimize the product catalog, and manage quality & customer experience to grow sales online.

With the top online marketplaces now generating $2.03 trillion and accounting for nearly 60% of global web sales annually, Coravin’s move to a marketplace model provides a ripe opportunity for both vintners and wine aficionados. “This is a tremendous opportunity for us to serve the needs of both wine connoisseurs and the wine industry by providing direct access to these exclusive products and services in a way that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else,” said François Silvain, Vice President of IT with Coravin. “The industry-leading Mirakl Marketplace Platform is enabling us to bridge that gap with a robust and scalable yet simple, turnkey solution.”

By adding new categories and SKUs from curated third-party vendors to its product catalog, Coravin aims to at least double its total online revenue within two years. At launch, the site will offer hundreds of exclusive new SKUs in addition to Coravin’s award-winning Wine Preservation System, and eventually expand to include mainstream accessories like wine chillers, cheeses and chocolates. Taking a holistic approach to the marketplace opportunity, Coravin has also registered as a seller on Mirakl Connect, and is actively pursuing opportunities to sell its Wine Preservation System on a curated selection of Mirakl-powered Marketplaces.

“Coravin has long established itself as an innovator in the wine industry, and this marketplace is further proof of their forward-thinking approach to disrupting a traditionally very conservative industry,” said Adrien Nussenbaum, co-founder and U.S. CEO, Mirakl. “It’s also a perfect example of how trusted innovative brands can expand their business model by becoming platforms. We are delighted to welcome Coravin into Mirakl’s select group of Platform Pioneers who are shaping the future and charting a successful path forward, even during these challenging times.”

The move to a marketplace model is a continued commitment from Coravin to lead innovation in the wine industry. Its exclusive Wine Preservation System has changed the way the world explores and enjoys wine, one glass at a time. The Coravin system not only preserves the finest wines for home consumption, but makes wine-by-the-glass sales more profitable for restaurants and bars.

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