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The most advanced platform to power enterprise marketplace growth at scale

François Gabert

"We selected Mirakl for its proven experience, strong and tested platform, service capabilities, and ability to quickly implement the platform."

François Gabert
CMO, Leroy Merlin Brazil

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Intuitive technology to connect you with your sellers and customers

Launch your Mirakl-powered Marketplace with any eCommerce application. Mirakl provides the industry’s most advanced software to onboard new suppliers, expand product catalogs, and manage customer care with the quality, security, and scale that leading enterprises demand.

Any digital commerce application
API-first + pre-built integrations
LogoMirakl Marketplace Platform
Seller command center
  • Offer management
  • Order management
  • Seller KPI dashboard
  • Seller APIs
Marketplace command center
  • Tailored
  • Smart data
    mapping &
  • AI-powered
  • Stremalines
    messaging &
    customer care
  • Advanced
    business rules &
  • Automated seller

"Mirakl is really the solution for operating marketplaces at scale. For a large, international retailer like Carrefour, we need a global technology partner that is flexible and secure."

Olivier Gibert
Olivier Gibert
Head of Global Technology Strategy & Commerce Platforms, Carrefour Group

Launch fast with efficient seller management

Meaningful growth is directly related to the number of sellers on your enterprise marketplace. Add sellers quickly to boost your profits at scale.

  • Quickly onboard and manage sellers

    Invite thousands of sellers via self-service tools with tailored onboarding workflows and monitor their progress in your back-office tools.

  • Integrate seller product catalogs

    Sellers follow an intuitive wizard to seamlessly map their products to your catalogs leveraging a variety of integration methods to accommodate sellers of all types and experience levels.

  • Support supplier relationships at scale

    Define and manage advanced order and payment workflows and set up granular commission grids tailored to the needs of your business.

  • Set sellers up for success

    Sellers access their own command center where they can easily manage their KPIs and fulfill orders in the Mirakl seller portal or via APIs and pre-built integrations from their existing eCommerce tools.

"Debenhams is an iconic British heritage brand and for over 240 years we have played a small part in the moments that matter in our customers' lives. The launch of the marketplace has allowed us to build a digital community of consumers, brands, and partners using Mirakl's technology, expertise, and seller ecosystem."

Dan Finley debenhams headshot
Dan Finley
CEO, Debenhams

Enterprise-grade security your customers can trust

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Grow your business to millions of quality products

Expand your supplier base and shed painful manual processes that are barriers to scale. Add new suppliers quickly and bring new products and services to market faster.

  • Ensure high quality product content

    Automated data mapping and deduplication tools ensure quality and completeness of product and offer information with taxonomies, quality standards, and business rules set by you.

  • Harmonize third & first-party catalog data

    Organize multiple data sheets under a master product record backed by single or multiple-offers. Ensure customers find the right product with the most complete product information and price.

  • Auto-categorize high volumes of catalog data with AI

    Machine learning algorithms identify potentially mis-categorized products and recommend new categories, with the option to automatically apply changes broadly across similar products.

"The fast performance and zero latency of the Mirakl marketplace solution have been extremely important for us to efficiently respond to increased purchases made via our marketplace during the high-demand period of Black Friday."

Rado Svec
Rado Svec
Vice President Platform, Conrad

Optimize your online marketplace performance and experience

You’re under constant pressure to operate more efficiently. Keep your costs low and profits high with critical data in accessible dashboards and powerful automation. Manage performance, quality and customer experience, at scale.

  • Monitor your marketplace growth

    Access real-time visibility into your sales, commissions, shipments, etc. Filter by channel, seller or product category. Easily monitor specific offers and prices and be alerted to low inventory quantities.

  • Manage seller performance with Mirakl Quality Control

    Monitor the performance of your sellers across KPIs. Business rules empower you to automatically prioritize your best performing sellers and alert or suspend sellers that are underperforming.

  • Deliver consistent customer care

    Communicate transparently between suppliers and customers to ensure the best customer care. Filter messages by incident and response status to monitor and intervene if, and when, necessary.

"The marketplace model offered us a faster, flexible way of doing business. It also allowed us to maintain our reputation as a trusted leader, remaining both reputable and ethical in our business practices."

Matt Burns
Matt Burns
Director of eCommerce Solutions, Premier

Get started right away

We help you launch fast. Engage our API-based platform, pre-built integrations, and expert support to get your enterprise marketplace up and scaling quickly. Seamlessly integrate via API to any eCommerce platform or headless implementation and maintain maximum flexibility for you and your sellers.

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  • Connect your eCommerce platform

    Our pre-built connectors reduce the cost and time for you to integrate with Adobe Commerce, SAP CX Commerce, and Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud platforms. Sellers can also onboard catalogs and manage orders using Adobe Commerce or Shopify.

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  • Integrate with third party solutions

    Leverage flexible APIs with custom fields to integrate with whatever third party solution you need. Our modular platform has over 50 technology partners with the ability to add your own.

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  • Access expert guidance and support

    Accelerate your time to revenue with 100+ dedicated marketplace customer success experts ready to partner with you at every stage of your journey from building a winning business case, to rapid launch, and streamlined operations.

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  • Launch fast with high quality sellers

    Tap into a massive ecosystem of curated sellers to create business connections, discover new technologies, and accelerate the growth of your marketplace.

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"Mirakl’s technology and flexible integrations were indispensable as we provided more products online faster to the retailers using our platform."

Thomas Kraus
Thomas Kraus
Vice President of Digital, UNFI

The online marketplace platform that delivers

Add quality sellers fast

"Grazie al marketplace siamo riusciti a rispondere rapidamente ai nuovi trend, pur rimanendo fedeli al DNA del nostro brand e al nostro impegno per la sostenibilità."

Julie Walbaum - CEO, Maisons du Monde
Julie Walbaum
CEO, Maisons du Monde
  • 40+ %
    Marketplace Share
  • 600+
Grow products and revenue

"When you operate in 57 countries, you can’t be the best everywhere. That’s why the marketplace, for us, is a fantastic tool to help complement our assortment."

Thibaut Peeters Decathlon Headshot
Thibaut Peeters
Marketplace Leader at Decathlon
  • 10
    countries launching a marketplace
Respond to customer needs

"We have had a marketplace since the beginning of eCommerce. It is essential to meet new trends, prevent out-of-stocks, and offer more sustainable products."

Enrique Martinez
Enrique Martinez
CEO, Fnac Darty
  • 5,000+
Nathalie BallaCo-CEO, La Redoute

At La Redoute, we have long been aware of the power of the marketplace model to quickly and securely meet the new expectations of our customers. This new partnership with Mirakl lets us strengthen our position as the preferred fashion and decoration lifestyle platform for families in France and Europe.

Nathalie Balla

Accelera la tua crescita lanciando un marketplace online