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eCommerce acceleration has changed the game

New market dynamics are straining margins and raising the stakes in the fight for market share. Meanwhile, customers increasingly expect a flawless digital experience, but most B2B wholesalers are falling short.

  • Customer expectations remain unmet

    Outdated and cumbersome buying processes remain a top challenge. The majority of wholesalers lack a deep understanding of customers’ digital activities and behaviors.

  • Changing needs outpace the ability to respond

    Wholesalers struggle to provide customers with what they want, when they want it. The traditional approach of acquiring and holding inventory won’t keep pace with changing demand.

  • Existing business models limit growth

    With market pressures coming from all sides, wholesalers find themselves on the defensive financially without a clear path to growth.


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Whether your strategy is to drive profitable long-tail growth or become a one-stop shop, the marketplace model is key to your success.

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Market dynamics are compelling businesses to adopt more scalable, cost-efficient models. Unlock the value of an online marketplace and turn this disruption into a launchpad for growth.

Industry spotlights
Bertrand FontainePresident, SalonCentric a L'Oreal subsidiary

SalonCentric is embracing innovation in service of our customers’ success, offering them immediate access to the widest product selection with a seamless eCommerce experience.