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Become the most trusted source of products and services for your industry while generating more leads for channel partners by launching your own online marketplace.

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Now is the time to bring your customers front and center

Digital transformation has raised the bar for B2B manufacturers. As the value chain in B2B commerce shifts, success will require closer engagement with customers than ever before.

  • Few opportunities to sell direct

    Manufacturers are feeling the pressure to create richer customer experiences but remain reliant on existing distributor networks and currently lack the direct relationship with the customers.

  • Limited transparency across supply chain

    Manufacturers often lack visibility into distributor inventory, pricing tactics, and multi-brand portfolio strategy, making it difficult to balance demand and supply across numerous distributor locations.

  • Warehouse and logistics constrain growth

    While a growing number of B2B buyers want to buy from the OEM, they have also grown to expect easier access to product information, frictionless purchasing, and one-stop shopping.


Build direct relationships 
with customers without channel conflict

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Whether setting up a direct-to-customer channel for the first time or looking to expand categories, manufacturers are leveraging the power of the marketplace model to become the preeminent source for products and services in their industry.

Better choice, price, and delivery for your industry

Market dynamics are compelling businesses to adopt more scalable, cost-efficient models. Unlock the value of an online marketplace and turn this disruption into a launchpad for growth.

Industry spotlights
Nick OstergaardSenior Manager, Digital Advanced Services, Toyota Material Handling

We had a mission to bring our dealers online and to sell online. Our marketplace helped us achieve both of those objectives. We have to go where our buyers are, then make it easy for them to buy from us. It’s no longer good enough in B2B to be a really good supplier. You have to provide really good experiences along with that.