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Achieve the visibility and control your procurement leaders need with the broader assortment of an online marketplace.

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Purchasing solutions haven’t kept up with business needs

As buyers go digital, franchise businesses are struggling to expand assortment quickly, while driving economies of scale and maintaining a consistent brand experience.

  • Internal resource constraints

    Procurement organizations struggle to manage the growing complexity and cost of managing indirect purchasing at scale.

  • Limited visibility into purchasing

    Current solutions feature siloed shopping with no unified cart and lack of control over price, quality, shipping criteria, and more.

  • Poor user experience

    Internal buyers are looking for consumer-quality experiences, contributing to growing maverick spend when they don’t find what they want.

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Gain the control you need with the experience buyers want

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Procurement organizations must adopt a solution that enables them to find the best deals with vendors, standardize the purchase process, and ensure quality of products and services—at global scale.

Coline PontChief Procurement Officer, Accor Hotels

For procurement, it’s a way to have more volume and more impact with suppliers, so it’s a movement in two steps. First, it’s a new way to sell our offer to our Accor hotels network, and it’s also a way for us to sell outside of Accor. With this kind of solution, we could customize the user experience, and for buyers, it’s a white label solution.