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Aftermarket services are being compelled to digitally transform

B2B buyers, influenced by their purchasing experiences as consumers, are now demanding broader selection, 'always there' availability, and fast delivery. But existing value chains struggle to keep up.

  • Increasing competition from digital natives

    As a result of widening gaps between expectations and experiences, industry incumbents are facing mounting pressure from eCommerce giants as well as vertical-specific disruptors.

  • Growing margin pressures

    The aftermarket services industry continues to face significant supply chain challenges, from inventory costs and supply shortages to constrained warehousing and logistics.

  • Warehouse and logistics constrain growth

    While a growing number of B2B buyers want to buy from the OEM, they have also grown to expect easier access to product information and frictionless purchasing.


Better serve customers with a trusted one-stop shop

With an enterprise marketplace of their own, manufacturers can establish their brand as the official source of products and services for their industry, while generating more leads for channel partners.

Eddie PerdokCEO, Kramp Group

Now is the time to start the digital transformation of the agricultural industry. Now is the time when we bring all of the parties of the agricultural industry together to offer a one-stop shop for farmers.