Mirakl Wins the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer Award

Philippe Corrot - June 17, 2020

Five months ago, I was in Davos for the 2020 World Economic Forum. As part of the French delegation, we were there to share our insight on the value of french technology in an ever-changing world.

What I actually got from that experience, was an added sense of urgency to leverage Mirakl to make a global impact: to help businesses, both local and international, to digitize in a way that would help them survive; Help them develop their own ecosystems and compete fairly with digital natives disrupting entire industries. I was invigorated by the idea to leverage the Mirakl technology to empower businesses to grow, evolve, understand their customers better and thrive through the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Technology Pioneer Award by the World Economic Forum is an award given to technologies and innovations poised to have a significant impact on business and society.

I always knew Mirakl-powered marketplaces were needed to revolutionize commerce. This is why I founded Mirakl eight years ago... because commerce needed to develop a strategy that speaks to the modern buyer in a digital world.

But listening to the world’s largest companies and heads of state grappling with how to leverage the platform model, I knew that Mirakl could help play a part in this new era. I understood that this was the time for us to help write the rules, lay the bricks and develop the infrastructure to help transform commerce as we know it today in a way that is fair, ethical, digital and competitive.

I am proud to announce that Mirakl was awarded the Technology Pioneer award by the World Economic Forum. Given to technologies and innovations poised to have a significant impact on business and society, we were awarded this prize for our “contributions to the digitization of businesses as they prepare to survive and thrive through the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Past winners include AirBnB, Google, Twitter and Spotify.

As changes in the recent months have shown us, a platform strategy empowers businesses to weather storms and give their customers what they want, when they want it. This award is proof that the future is digital, and Mirakl has the tools to help businesses thrive. This award is proof that the platform economy is thriving, and that to win, businesses need to adopt the change wholeheartedly.

We believe in levelling the playing field by arming incumbents with a platform strategy to fight the digital giants disrupting entire industries. By developing their own marketplaces, companies can leverage their system and thrive in this digital economy - Mirakl Mission Statement on the World Economic Forum website

The pandemic, but also the social and political unrest throughout the world, has been driving this massive change, and we are proud to be a part of the solution. We are proud to help our clients grow, speak to their customers and modernize their businesses despite the traditional challenges crippling many of the world’s largest, oldest and biggest companies that do not have a platform strategy.

Thank you to the World Economic Forum for recognizing Mirakl today. This award will continue to drive us to do better, to think bigger, and to work harder. --------This article was originally published on Linkedin by Philippe Corrot.

Philippe Corrot,
Co-CEO & co-founder