Mirakl Launches StopCOVID19.fr Marketplace to Connect Health Professionals With Critical Supplies

Jane Barge
March 31, 2020
Mirakl Launches StopCOVID19.fr Marketplace to Connect Health Professionals With Critical Supplies
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Right now, there’s no such thing as “business as usual.” But in the face of a global situation that changes day by day, we’re seeing businesses get creative with their resources to lessen the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. A great example comes from LMVH and L’Oreal, two of many manufacturers that have converted plants to make hand sanitizing gel. Clothing manufacturers are stepping up, too, sewing masks and scrubs to supply health care workers.

But once these manufacturers started to produce these supplies, they ran into a new challenge: how to get them into the hands of the organizations that need them. That’s why when the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance approached us to help solve these critical COVID-19 supply chain challenges, we jumped at the chance.

Introducing the StopCOVID19.fr healthcare marketplace

In under 48 hours, we launched StopCOVID19.fr, a Mirakl-powered Marketplace to solve the shortage of essential products and materials in hospitals. With StopCOVID19, we’re putting vital protective items like hand sanitizing gel, masks and protective clothing in the hands of health professionals and public institutions. I’m proud to say that in the first 24 hours of operation, 150,000 liters of hand sanitizing gel were sold through the platform to hospitals and clinics fighting on the front lines.

StopCOVID19.fr provides solutions to 3 major problems:

  • It resolves the shortage of essential products and materials

  • It provides a secure platform

  • It centralizes the supply and demand of essential commodities for professionals

Since StopCOVID19.fr launched, we’ve onboarded nearly 50 sellers and welcomed 300+ clients into the marketplace. And while 70% of these clients are health facilities, we’re now able to expand to other industries that need these critical supplies, bringing grocery chains, transportation companies (including SNCF, the French national rail) and food producers (like manufacturer Danone) on as clients in the marketplace.

The marketplace organizes the distribution chain for these products, connecting producers of these materials with packaging manufacturers and, ultimately, the hospitals and clinics who need the products. In many cases, they’re offering the products for free or at minimal cost.

Fighting COVID-19 in France and across the globe

We’re proud to be able to do what we can with our resources to support the efforts to contain the pandemic – and we’re ready to replicate this in other countries to help local hospitals and health care workers on the front line fight the virus safely.

Our co-founder and CEO, Philippe Corrot, puts it this way: “As a high-tech company, we examined all possibilities of how we could put our expertise to use to combat this unprecedented crisis. At Mirakl, we feel very lucky to be able to help French doctors and healthcare workers. We are committed to providing assistance to our fellow French and European citizens during this very difficult time.”

As the year goes on, we’ll keep being tested on our agility, our flexibility, and our ability to come up with creative solutions in uncharted territory. From what we’ve seen in the past few weeks, there’s no question that we have the tools to get through this together.

French health facilities, manufacturers, and distributors interested in participating on StopCOVID19.fr can contact Mirakl to create an account.
Written by
Jane Barge
VP Ecosystem, Mirakl

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