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Mirakl Connect Celebrates 1 Year Bringing Together Marketplace Sellers & Operators

Sabreena Khan
June 5, 2020
Mirakl Connect Celebrates 1 Year Bringing Together Marketplace Sellers & Operators
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It was exactly a year ago today that we launched Mirakl Connect onstage at the Marketplace & Platform Summit in Paris. We created it to accelerate the platform revolution, building a community of sellers, partners and Mirakl-powered Marketplace operators that would power the next generation of online marketplaces.

It’s safe to say that we’ve had an extraordinary year. There are 50+ Mirakl-powered Marketplace operators on Mirakl Connect, representing retailers from across the globe, including Urban Outfitters, Best Buy Canada, and Carrefour. They’ve made thousands of connections with sellers that have driven millions in revenue by offering more and selling more to consumers across the globe.

We launched Mirakl Connect to give retailers and brands the tools they need to truly transform their businesses. Here are just a few of their stories – proof of the power of the marketplace opportunity.

Third-party marketplace sellers connect with the brands that match their goals

Since we launched Mirakl Connect one year ago, nearly 1,300 businesses have joined to expand their digital channels by selling on Mirakl-powered Marketplaces. They span the globe, and range from household brand names to specialty retailers to some of the best-rated sellers on marketplaces like Amazon.

Each of these businesses recognizes a fundamental truth that has become even clearer in 2020: every brand needs a comprehensive, diversified eCommerce strategy, and marketplaces are a key part of it. With Mirakl Connect, they’re working directly with marketplace managers to grow their visibility in the market, expand their reach, and grow their eCommerce sales – without investing in costly additional marketing or technical development.


Create a profile on Mirakl Connect to discover new opportunities to sell on marketplaces. Innovation Home Service (IHS) joined Mirakl Connect as a seller in late 2019. In just over 6 months, they’ve already generated nearly €500,000 in revenue by selling on Mirakl-powered Marketplaces. With Mirakl Connect, IHS has been able to quickly scale their online business: “Working with Mirakl has helped us to grow as a company,” said Fernando Garcia, Director of Sales, IHS. “With Mirakl Connect, we’ve been able to achieve growth in an organized way by discovering new marketplaces to sell our products.”

For businesses that sell on online marketplaces, relying on one or two big names can be a precarious position. As brick-and-mortar storefronts temporarily shuttered this spring, the need for a diverse set of online channels became even more apparent.

Tribe Alive, an ethical fashion brand carried by boutiques across the U.S., became a seller on Mirakl Connect in mid-April. They’re using the platform to grow online channels and reach new customers, while maintaining a focus on the brand.

“Tribe Alive joined Mirakl Connect because the last few months have been really challenging for the retail sector, and as a brand primarily focused on employing women around the world in impoverished countries, we needed to continually get products in new consumers' hands in order to keep our artisans employed,” said Hannah Paul, Brand Development Manager, Tribe Alive. “Mirakl Connect has accelerated our eCommerce strategy by giving us access to other marketplaces and providing a platform that works across multiple retailers, so that the process is completely streamlined."

Marketplace operators scale their offerings to deliver more for customers

When done right, launching and operating a marketplace enhances your brand, enabling you to offer more products and services, learn more about your customers, and ultimately grow your business.

But to get it right and efficiently scale the business, marketplace operators need to find the seller partners that are aligned with their assortment strategies. In its first year, Mirakl Connect facilitated more than 3,000 of these critical connections between sellers and marketplace operators.

“Mirakl Connect has been a great resource to add to our toolbox over the past year,” said Maria Paolillo, Customer Success Specialist, URBN. “Through the platform, we have learned about new brands through business requests, as well as organic discovery. We like that when prospecting for new sellers, we can drill down to such a granular level to help us really find what we’re looking for. This is what sets Mirakl Connect apart from other platforms.”

Creating the next generation of marketplaces with Mirakl Connect

When we launched Mirakl Connect, the marketplace opportunity was already apparent. Last year, consumers spent more than $2 trillion on online marketplaces. That number is sure to grow this year as retailers leverage the flexibility and agility of the marketplace model, and sellers already know it. During the COVID-19 crisis, new accounts grew by 73%.

They all recognize how important it is to diversify your online selling strategy – and how marketplaces can help. It’s time to ask yourself: how are you going to ride the marketplace wave?

Written by
Sabreena Khan
Team Lead, Seller Recruitment at Mirakl

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