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Break Through Moments from the 2022 Boston Platform Pioneer Summit

Joe Sawyer
Break Through Moments from the 2022 Boston Platform Pioneer Summit
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The 2022 Platform Pioneer Summit was a can’t-miss event - the pre-eminent forum on online marketplaces - dedicated to helping businesses break through in today’s cutthroat eCommerce landscape. Now, whether you’re watching them again or experiencing these sessions for the first time, you can view the entire 2022 Boston Platform Pioneer Summit on-demand. 

Each session features a leading Platform Pioneer as they walk the audience through their own marketplace journey – from their initial vision and break through moment to how they’re leveraging the marketplace today and beyond. During these sessions, you’ll also gain expert analysis from those at the forefront of the marketplace revolution as they discuss the important topics facing today’s business. This includes how to achieve curation at scale, leveraging the platform to create an omnichannel experience, and how to exceed ever-rising customer expectations.

Adrien Nussenbaum_2022 Summit

Mirakl co-founder and co-CEO Adrien Nussenbaum delivers the opening keynote

Check out the sessions below and gain the tools needed to join these Platform Pioneer by building your own playbook for sustained enterprise marketplace success. 

From Rigid to Agile: Transform Your Value Chain With Marketplace Scale – featuring Parts Town and SAP 

Nick Coxon, VP, Marketplace, Parts Town, and John McDonnell, Industry Executive Advisor, SAP sat down with Mirakl marketplace experts to discuss the B2B eCommerce renaissance, and the undeniable impact online marketplaces are having on the industry. The discussion then turned to Parts Town’s marketplace strategy and how they are using data to broaden their catalog and offer more of the products their customers want. Coxon added, the marketplace has been invaluable in delivering a scalable solution that’s driving traffic to the site at a time when acquiring new customers is becoming increasingly expensive. 

Launching a Marketplace that Supports Every Channel of Your Business – featuring Liverpool and Deloitte Digital 

In this session, Antonino Guichard Gonzalez, Chief Digital Officer, Liverpool Mexico, and Surya Saurabh, Senior Manager, Deloitte Digital, joined a pair of Mirakl marketplace experts for a conversation on how to utilize the marketplace model to deliver a true omnichannel experience. Throughout their talk, the four spoke to the importance of a marketplace in today’s changing eCommerce landscape, addressed the idea of “4P products'' (a mindset that de-emphasizes distinguishing between 1P and 3P), and explored how the marketplace has enabled Liverpool to strengthen all aspects of its business model. 

Platform Pioneer Summit liverpool and Deloitte

Using Your Marketplace to Transform Your Business From Product-Centric to Customer-Centric – featuring UNFI and Adobe 

During this session, Thomas Kraus, VP Digital, UNFI, and Jonathan Burdette, Director of Digital Industry Strategy for Manufacturing, Adobe - along with a pair of Mirakl marketplace experts - discussed how the marketplace model can help businesses stay ahead of ever-rising customer expectations. Kraus then shared his perspective on how UNFI has leveraged marketplace data to inform onboarding decisions and strategically scale the catalog. This has helped the specialty foods giant deliver an enhanced experience to both buyers and vendors alike. 

Manufacturers & Distributors Reveal Marketplace Best Practices – featuring HPE and SalonCentric, a subsidiary of L’Oreal USA 

Hament Dudeja, Marketplace Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Jodi Fountain, VP of eCommerce, SalonCentric, a subsidiary of L’Oreal USA, each met with Mirakl’s Chief Marketing Officer, Joe Sawyer, for a comprehensive conversation on how the marketplace model is allowing them to achieve maximum value for their business. Both spoke to the importance of marketplace data, and the ways they’re using it to test new products and enhance customer loyalty by offering a true one-stop shop for their buyers. 

Platform Pioner Summit HPE and SalonCentric

Retailers Reveal Marketplace Best Practices – featuring NBCUniversal and Shop Premium Outlets, A Simon Digital Marketplace 

In this session Evan Moore SVP, Content and Commerce, NBCUniversal, and Matt Fischer, Vice President, Operations, Shop Premium Outlets, A Simon Digital Marketplace, took turns speaking with Eric Yale, Business Consulting Director at Mirakl, to share the unconventional ways that their organizations are using the marketplace platform to reach new customers. Moore described NBCUniversal’s content-driven approach, while Fischer shared the ways that Shop Premium Outlets is leveraging the merchandise of its partner brands.  

Written by
Joe Sawyer
Chief Marketing Officer at Mirakl

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