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ABB Electrification Business Flips the Switch on New Mirakl-Powered Marketplace

Sara Matasci
January 2, 2020
ABB Electrification Business Flips the Switch on New Mirakl-Powered Marketplace
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ABB is a $33 billion global enterprise, known worldwide for its technological innovation in robotics, power, heavy electrical equipment and automation. Its largest business, ABB Electrification, is one of the leading distributors of residential and commercial electrical supplies in Brazil.

But until now, Brazilian contractors, architects and engineers purchased ABB products the old-fashioned way: in-person, through a network of brick-and-mortar distributors. This often meant heading off to the store for supplies during critical phases of construction and remodeling jobs, taking up vital time that could delay project completion.

This week, ABB Electrification solved that problem, flipping the switch on ABB Loja Online, Brazil’s first online electrical products marketplace. ABB Loja Online gives customers easy access to a wide array of electrical products, sold by distributor partners and shipped directly to their doorstep, whether at the office or the jobsite. Now, ABB customers in Brazil can research options, browse thousands of products, and place their order for critical supplies like wiring and receptacle accessories online within minutes.

Getting ahead of the surge

Powered by the Mirakl Marketplace Platform, ABB Loja Online is transforming the way commercial contractors shop for and buy the supplies and accessories they need. The launch comes at a perfect time, positioning ABB to seize the B2B digital commerce opportunity with optimal scalability.

Brazilian eCommerce sales grew by 12% last year, driving $15 billion in revenue as the country recovers from an economic downturn. Meanwhile, global B2B marketplace sales are expected to hit $3.6 trillion by 2024, accounting for some 30% of all B2B online sales and even outpacing B2C marketplace sales. And, data from global shipper UPS indicates that nearly half of businesses plan to buy more through B2B marketplaces in the next three years.

“The market is truly ripe for us to offer this unique experience to our customers, and we couldn’t have chosen a better partner,” said Samer Shehadeh, Global eCommerce & Innovation Director for ABB Electrification. “Mirakl is the only provider who really understands the complex B2B marketplace model and has the library of APIs and capabilities to offer our customers a modern buying experience.”

Leveraging relationships to build an ecosystem of customers & distributors

By offering a wider selection of products and more sales channels for its customers, ABB and its distributor partners can capitalize on the growth in B2B eCommerce, giving customers the modern buying experience they’ve come to expect based on their own consumer purchases.

In addition to providing an entirely new and convenient sales channel for the Brazilian electrical supplies market, ABB can also leverage its new Mirakl-powered Marketplace to build deeper relationships with its distributors, gain better insight into customers’ needs and buying habits and grow its marketing and brand awareness campaigns. Gaining access to this rich treasure trove of data is one of the most valuable benefits of a marketplace for many traditional wholesale distributors: it puts them directly in touch with the customers’ needs while still maintaining outstanding distributor relationships.

“We’re extremely pleased to be able to deliver this amazing customer experience with a world-class backend engine that will drive more sales for our distributors,” Shehadeh said.

Electrical outlets are sold by multiple distributor partners on ABB Loja Online

Creating a scalable B2B digital strategy with marketplace

Thanks to the Mirakl platform’s turnkey solution, ABB launched its new marketplace in just five months. With the site now live for customers in São Paulo, the company plans to expand access throughout Brazil in the coming months and additional countries in the next year. In fact, Mirakl’s global scalability and ability to easily expand the program into new markets was a key factor for ABB in choosing the Mirakl Marketplace Platform.

“We knew the Mirakl team had the technology and expertise we needed to address the immediate opportunity and to grow on a global scale,” Shehadeh said. “This will save us a tremendous amount of time and effort down the road, simplifying the process of rolling out our marketplace offering to new markets.”

To get an inside look at how Mirakl and ABB Electrification worked together to launch a full-featured B2B marketplace in just five months, watch our January 2020 webinar with Samer Shehadeh on-demand – get the recording now!
Written by
Sara Matasci
Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing at Mirakl

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