A Sneak Peek at B2B Speakers Offering Insights at the 2021 Platform Pioneer Summit

Sara Matasci - April 21, 2021

The rise of online marketplaces has transformed customer expectations. Patience, whether it’s waiting for an out-of-stock item or browsing a limited selection, has all but evaporated. Instead, customers expect a vast and diverse catalog of products to be available with just a few clicks. In fact, in 2020 marketplaces grew at double the rate of overall eCommerce.

While retailers may have been early adopters of the marketplace, this shift has produced a growing demand for the same convenient, one-stop shopping experience from B2B buyers.

Mirakl’s virtual Platform Pioneer Summit, taking place on May 5, will feature several of Mirakl’s B2B Platform Pioneers – each a leader in their respective fields – as they offer insights, tips, and best practices to help you leverage the marketplace opportunity, instead of watching this digital revolution from afar.

Ready to join these forward thinkers and marketplace trailblazers? Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect.

Conrad Electronic, Kramp, and SalonCentric: Embracing the marketplace revolution

Despite coming from different, unique verticals, the three panelists from our Platform Pioneer Insights session on manufacturing and distribution share a common understanding. Each of them recognizes how online marketplaces offer an opportunity to expand their reach, adapt to the latest eCommerce trends, and ultimately offer a one-stop shopping experience for their clients.

During this session, you’ll hear from Ralf Bühler, CEO, Conrad Electronic, Eddie Perdok, CEO, Kramp, and Bertrand Fontaine, President, SalonCentric, L'Oréal Subsidiary, as they address how the marketplace model has allowed them to accelerate the digitization of their relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners.

Manju George, Head of Platform and Digital Economy, World Economic Forum, will moderate this discussion of how the marketplace model empowers businesses to stay ahead of end users’ expectations and seamlessly navigate new digital expectations.

Premier Inc.: Transitioning to the marketplace model

There are no days off in the healthcare industry, and providers need a materials supplier that’s as versatile and hard-working as they are. In 2020 Premier Inc., a leading healthcare improvement company, launched an eCommerce marketplace, stockd, to better meet the needs of their clients.

Through the marketplace platform, Premier was able to quickly and strategically expand their online catalog – allowing clients to now easily and confidently compare products and prices from a qualified network of reputable sellers. With this greater selection and convenience, Premier saw a 500% increase in site visits over four months.

During this panel, you’ll hear from Matt Burns, Director of eCommerce at Premier, along with Oliver Siodmak, Managing Director, Deloitte Digital, as they discuss Premier’s transformation from an omnichannel sales structure to a marketplace model. They’ll also address the early obstacles and ensuing opportunities of streamlining the buying experience in a market with traditionally complex supply chains.

UNFI: Delivering on customer trends

Customer demands dictate the market, and when it comes to grocery stores, people are expecting a wider selection of local, healthier products.

To help grocers better meet these evolving trends, UNFI, a premier food wholesaler of natural, organic, and specialty foods, recently partnered with Mirakl to launch Community Marketplace by UNFI, the first wholesale food marketplace in North America.

Utilizing the marketplace model, UNFI is now able to streamline its vendor onboarding process, opening up new opportunities for emerging and hyperlocal small- and medium-sized business (SMB) suppliers. In turn, UNFI clients can expand their aisles and offer their communities a wider selection of products.

Be sure to catch Tom Kraus, Vice President, Digital at UNFI – along with a panel of Mirakl marketplace experts – as they explore how UNFI was able to secure buy-in for their marketplace strategy through an airtight business case. The conversation will include reviewing best practices, navigating organizational change management, and how to avoid common case gaps.

No matter which vertical you operate in, there’s a marketplace opportunity waiting for you. Join us on May 5 to learn how B2B businesses partnered with Mirakl to leverage their marketplace opportunities.

Ready to rise to the challenge and accelerate your digital growth? Registration for this year’s virtual Platform Pioneer Summit is free and easy. Don’t get left behind during the marketplace revolution!

Sara Matasci,
Director, Corporate Marketing at Mirakl

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