2021 Platform Pioneer Summit: The eCommerce Marketplace Imperative

Adrien Nussenbaum - March 18, 2021

Each spring, Mirakl hosts the industry’s largest event dedicated to helping business leaders succeed with enterprise marketplace strategies – sharing world-class content, straight from the mouths of your peers, like ABB, Kroger, and Carrefour. We call it the Platform Pioneer Summit.

Today, I’m excited to pull the curtain back on this year’s theme and agenda (and soon, our roster of speakers, featuring marketplace superstars across B2C and B2B industries). The challenges and opportunities that we’ve heard from companies like yours over the past year has moved us to embrace an unforgettable new theme.

It starts with a nod to 2020 – the year that put its foot on the gas of eCommerce growth, delivering in a matter of months an acceleration of eCommerce that most people expected to take years.

This leap forward sparked a rush of innovation from leading organizations across industries, each seeking to deliver accelerated growth, agility, and operational efficiency in the face of growing eCommerce demand. Platform business models, with enterprise marketplaces of third-party suppliers at the core, were central to that transformation, growing at twice the rate of overall eCommerce throughout the course of the year.

In this pressure-cooker environment, two competitive camps emerged to ride these trends to the top. On one side, we see a group of Platform Pioneers that are operating industry-specific curated marketplaces of their own, accelerating their digital transformation and seeing major gains in GMV as a result. (In fact, Mirakl-powered Marketplaces as a whole grew by 110% year-over-year in 2020, generating a remarkable $3.1B in GMV.) Global digital giants sit on the other side, picking off new categories in retail, manufacturing, distribution, and procurement to propel their growth – and upending complacent industries with their ever-expanding reach.

Industry incumbents are caught in the middle. In this make-or-break moment, each of them face a critical choice: recognize the eCommerce marketplace imperative and proactively embrace the opportunity, or end up boxed into a corner as the first movers outpace them. Will your organization take the lead in this digital new normal now… or never?

On May 5, we’re inviting you to seize the opportunity at the Platform Pioneer Summit, the industry’s leading marketplace event. This year’s theme is Now or Never: The eCommerce Marketplace Imperative, and in this one-day interactive virtual event, you’ll join hundreds of Platform Pioneers like you to discover the strategies and data you need to make the most of the enterprise marketplace opportunity, today. Whether you’re in the earliest stages of developing a marketplace strategy, or you’re seeking strategies to propel your marketplace into hypergrowth, you’ll come away from the day with new ideas and insights that can impact your business.

In just a few hours of virtual content, you’ll:

  1. Get actionable data and best practices to launch and grow a successful enterprise marketplace, shared by the world’s top Platform Pioneers and subject matter experts

  2. Learn from the leading retailers, manufacturers and distributors across numerous industries who have led marketplace transformation initiatives within their businesses

  3. Discover breakthrough features and capabilities and get a first look on what's coming to Mirakl’s enterprise marketplace SaaS platform

The great eCommerce acceleration makes enterprise marketplaces mission-critical – and you can’t afford to wait. Register for the Platform Pioneer Summit today and discover the enterprise marketplace strategies and data you need to confidently navigate the new normal.

Adrien Nussenbaum,
Co-founder and Co-CEO of Mirakl

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