Mirakl Ads

A retail media solution optimized for eCommerce and marketplaces

Monetize your premium eCommerce audience and create a new, highly profitable revenue stream with Mirakl Ads, a retail media solution built for both first-party and marketplace assortment.

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Access a unique solution designed by retail media and platform experts

Create a net new revenue stream and increase profitability from digital advertising spend with a solution optimized for first-party and third-party products.

  • A retail-first retail media solution

    Access a solution compatible with marketplace, dropship and first-party eCommerce assortment, which factors in multiple sellers, stock levels, the ‘buy box’ and more.

  • Sponsored ads relevance at its finest

    Surface the most relevant sponsored ads to your shoppers, leveraging Mirakl’s proprietary AI based on Mirakl Target2Sell expertise and technology.

  • Retail Media that scales

    No other solution works better with Mirakl Marketplace Platform than Mirakl Ads. Mirakl Ads is embedded into the Mirakl backoffice and automatically discounts ad spend from the seller balance. From day one, 100% of your sellers become advertisers. 

  • A safe data environment

    Mirakl Ads is a cookieless solution, which relies on first-party data, to guarantee a safe data environment and a sustainable business for retailers. 


Your Retail Media inventory is priceless to advertisers

Use cutting edge adtech and successfully monetize your traffic and audiences.

  • A variety of formats

    Mirakl Ads formats cover all advertisers’ needs, from banners to sponsored search. Mirakl Ads’ neat native formats create a shopping experience that customers love. 

  • Real-time bidding engine

    Create a fair competition between brands, suppliers and third-party sellers to fill your premium inventory. 

  • Optimize ad spend using data

    Tailor monetization strategies, plan for peak seasons and generate higher returns across categories thanks to Mirakl Ads’ yield management capabilities.

  • Get all your advertisers onboard

    Manage your key advertisers’ campaigns yourself and onboard your long-tail advertisers on a self-service approach.


Scale faster with Mirakl’s advertising sales house

Mirakl Ads is an extension of your marketplace team to help accelerate your growth. 

  • Retail media experts to define the best strategy for your business

    Mirakl Ads sales house professionals help you design the best advertising strategy and the objectives to meet your ambitions. 

  • Mirakl Ads salesforce

    Mirakl Ads’ sales team execute the commercial strategy on your behalf and maximize advertising investments. 

  • Mirakl AdOps

    Our traffic management professionals operate the campaigns and optimize them, build the reports and guarantee higher returns for advertisers.