Worten Expands Omnichannel Capabilities and Assortment with Online Marketplace Powered by Mirakl

Worten, a Portuguese retail leader in technology and electronics, has launched a new digital offering using the Mirakl Marketplace Platform

 BOSTON – Dec. 04, 2018 – Mirakl, a leading global marketplace solutions provider, today announced that Worten, Portuguese retail leader in technology and electronics, has launched an online marketplace using the Mirakl Marketplace Platform. With the new marketplace, Worten is expanding into new retail categories with more than 100,000 home, decoration and relaxation products, as well as a wider range of items in its specialty – electronics.

Under the direction of Worten’s leadership, the retailer set out to find a model that would allow it to focus on its omnichannel strategy, while expanding its product assortment.  For Worten, the marketplace model proved to be the superior choice in achieving these objectives. Additionally, the platform allows Worten to connect its network of over 200 stores across Portugal and Spain and more than four million online customers.

In looking at the available solutions, we found that the Mirakl Marketplace Platform was innovative in its approach and provided a truly integrative experience between the online and physical store,” said Mário Pereira, COO, Worten Iberia. “This new platform will let us grow the brand in new retail categories while maintaining our quality of service and continuing to build long-lasting customer relationships.”

Worten works with selected partners to ensure specialized and relevant value for consumers through Worten.pt – the most visited ecommerce website in Portugal. It will be clear to the customer that the sales are made by the partner company, but they will have the benefit of the Worten seal of trust.

The marketplace model stands out because it is completely omnichannel; the sellers put their products up for sale on Worten.pt and Worten puts its network of stores at the sellers’ disposal to help with the buying journey and provide customer service and fulfillment. This will also allow Worten to quickly enter new product categories.

All areas of society are becoming digitalized,” said Pereira. “We know that about a third of the people in Portugal shop online and that by 2025 this number will have gone up to 60%. As the market leader, Worten is striving to ease this evolution, accompanying its customers as it enters new retail areas, and strengthening its strategy and leadership.”

Since the platform’s debut in Sept., Worten has created 100 new jobs across its IT, product management and sales departments. Additionally, Worten expects to have one million references by the end of 2018.

We’re proud to join forces with Worten as the company expands both its core electronic business and moves into new product categories,” said Philippe Corrot, CEO and co-founder, Mirakl. “The initial growth is an indicator of Worten’s success and we look forward to continuing to support the retailer on this journey.”

The Worten marketplace is accessible at Worten.pt.

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About Worten:

The best technology is at Worten. The brand has been going for over 20 years, making access to technology more democratic and offering all our customers innovation, the latest items and, obviously, the lowest prices.

The company has more than 230 stores in Portugal and Spain, with central offices and distribution hubs in both countries. We have more than 4,000 employees working in multi-disciplinary teams. Each and every one of us is responsible, within our area of expertise, for launching new ideas, challenging old habits, identifying improvement opportunities and implementing new, good practices. “Make it happen” is a SONAE Group motto that Worten makes sure it lives up to. Every day.

We provide a wide range of products (consumer electronics and entertainment, along with telecommunications) in our stores and through Worten.pt. We also offer a wide range of services that can be specialised advice before you buy or after-sale attention guaranteed by Worten Resolve.