Power your wholesale industrial supply business for the future

Protect your core while establishing a strong foundation for long-term, sustainable growth with the Mirakl enterprise marketplace platform

Align your end-to-end operations with the growing digital economy

As distributors evolve their operations to adapt to the digital economy, they will require an agile supply chain and selling environment that will support their business needs today and well into the future. Mirakl enables you to create a better, digital buying experience, optimize business agility, lower cost of sales, and capture new market opportunities.

Enhance the customer experience

Deliver the digital buying experience your customers desire with the quality and control they know to expect.

Drive operational efficiencies

Automate administrative tasks while harnessing data to optimize inventory levels and product mix.

Enrich your value proposition

Enter high-growth categories and monetize value-added services, driving higher profitability.

Enhance the customer buying experience

The effects of digital transformation on our lives as consumers has had a significant impact on buyer expectations and behaviors in our professional lives. It should come as no surprise, then, that B2B purchasers, and individual end users in particular, now expect frictionless digital experiences, easy access to information, limitless selection and availability, the best available price and fast delivery.

Proactively and seamlessly keep up with every shift in customer demand with a Mirakl marketplace.

Ensure customers’ unique requirements are always met

Provide a broad range of products while maintaining customer-specific pricing, catalogue offerings and buyer permissions

Deliver transparency and consistency

Offer detailed visibility into inventory availability, fulfillment options and pricing, enabling customers to purchase with confidence.

Maintain quality of goods and services

Establish quality rules that are tracked in real-time and empower your customers to enforce their own quality checks on sellers, goods and services.

Drive operational efficiencies and improve cost of sales

In response to evolving customer requirements and supply chain disruptions, the traditional distribution business model is under pressure. Either SKU proliferation is negatively affecting operational efficiency and profitability, or sales teams are being pulled away from strategic account management to serve as de facto sourcing agents – or both.

A Mirakl-powered marketplace empowers you to enhance your product portfolio while making your business more efficient, productive and resilient to change.

Focus on value-added sales

Let your skilled sales team focus on deals that need their attention, leaving routine purchases to the marketplace.

Harness data to streamline processes

Keep an eye on business performance with visibility into sales, commissions, shipments, and more while leveraging AI to automate administrative tasks.

Optimize product mix and placement

Track pricing and purchasing trends then seamlessly transition low-margin and slow-moving stock to suppliers on-demand.

Enrich your value proposition and grow revenue

More and more, B2B customers are turning to their distribution partners to deliver a consultative, one-stop shop offering. Whether expanding into new product areas, offering new value-added services or standing up new business models, an agile platform that supports a variety of supplier types, business processes, pricing structures and the tools to track performance will be the key to success.

By launching a marketplace with Mirakl, capture new market opportunities and deliver the holistic experience your customers desire.

Enter new product categories

Leverage your marketplace to enter high-growth, high-margin market segments that were previously untapped.

Monetize value-added services

Offer services such as kitting, ‘green workplace’ solution consulting, training programs, and more via a single platform.

Protect revenue and grow sales

Quickly expand product offerings even when new demand resides outside your areas of expertise or existing supplier network, and always ensure you offer the most competitive pricing.

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Learn how Conrad leveraged its marketplace platform to offer an expanded product line that included personal protective equipment.

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