French supermarket chain Auchan to launch new online marketplace

Auchan marketplace, at the heart of a real cross-canal strategy

Auchan, the third largest food retailer in France, has announced the launch of its marketplace, powered by Mirakl’s technology. Auchan aims to extend its product range and offer a complete cross canal experience to its customers.

The retailer will focus on two main categories: food, which is the core of its business, and garden articles. The categories ‘high-tech’,  ‘baby care’, ‘furniture’ and ‘toys’ should complement the marketplace by the end of this year.

The marketplace won’t be confined to just e-commerce. It will integrate with the company’s existing cross-channel strategy, so purchases and returns from the marketplace will be possible from the physical stores.

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Mirakl is “becoming the standard for retailers” – Halfords Marketplace

Halfords launches its Marketplace with Mirakl

Halfords today launches its marketplace service, which will give customers abundance in choice amid plans to stock up to 40,000 SKUs.

By partnering with online marketplace provider Mirakl, the retailer will anticipate and react to trends and customer’s buying behaviour, and test the market for new brands in real time. New products can be introduced to the site within weeks in response to customer demand, strengthening the digital offer further as Halfords’ online sales reached £100million for the first time in the last financial year.

Halfords marketplace trading manager Nina Morris says: “This launch means we can react faster than ever to the needs of our customers, with more choice and access to more brands. Our sector-leading innovation also means we will be able to target new customers who may not have shopped with Halfords before”.

Halfords made the choice to put back the customer at the heart of their business, a strategy that will certainly and shortly have a significant and positive impact on its growth and profit.  By choosing Mirakl, Halfords proves that Mirakl is becoming a standard for retailers, like Tamebay stated.


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Best Buy Canada Selects Mirakl to launch its Marketplace

Best Buy Canada launches its marketplace with Mirakl

Cambridge, MA – May 6, 2015 – Mirakl, the global leader in online marketplace platforms, today announced that Best Buy Canada has selected the Mirakl Marketplace Platform to power Best Buy Canada’s online marketplace and increase its top-line revenue at Through Mirakl’s turnkey SaaS-based marketplace solution, the company also expects to increase its online traffic acquisition, online conversion rates, average order value, order profitability and customer loyalty. Best Buy Canada plans to go live in fall 2015.

Prior to selecting the Mirakl platform, Best Buy Canada wanted a secure solution to increase profitability for its online channel while enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering a wider range of products through third-party sellers. By selecting the Mirakl solution over a homegrown one, Best Buy Canada will now quickly and efficiently launch a proven online marketplace, without the risks and costs associated with internal development.

“We’re ecstatic to partner with Mirakl and include their talented team in our growth strategy to bring our online marketplace on to Canadians this fall,” said Thierry Hay-Sabourin, vice president, eCommerce, Best Buy Canada. “Once we saw Mirakl’s Marketplace Platform, we realized this was the solution to bring us industry expertise, a faster time-to-market and the potential for greater success.”

The Mirakl solution, built by seasoned marketplace experts provides retailers with an unlimited product catalogue managed entirely by third-party sellers, enabling them to focus on customer relationships. The Mirakl platform also allows retailers to:
• Optimize inventory management so they can focus on high-selling and high-margin products while leaving the “long tail” opportunities to third-party sellers
• Test new products without associated inventory risks
• Increase profits through a commissions-based model with third-party sellers

“We are thrilled Best Buy Canada has selected the Mirakl platform to power its first-ever online marketplace,” said Kamal Kirpalani, vice president and general manager, Americas, Mirakl. “Our platform will give Best Buy Canada a comprehensive and flexible marketplace solution to provide its customers with a broader product offering without the worry of inventory or logistic constraints.”


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Game Online Marketplace

GAME launches its online Marketplace

Game chooses Mirakl to launch its online marketplace.

The specialist game retailer has launched its online marketplace this month with Mirakl, offering its customers access to 50,000+ of new and pre-owned products. Game Marketplace has been designed to allow customers a way to easily browse and discover thousands of unique products including current and retro games, PC hardware, electronics, toys and collectibles, gaming memorabilia, books, clothing and more.

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Rue du Commerce and Darty choose Mirakl

French retailers Darty and Rue du Commerce have implemented a marketplace platform from Mirakl as they look to grow online and expand their multi-channel strategies. Rue du Commerce is replacing its own existing marketplace with Mirakl, while Darty is a brand new implementation.

“The Mirakl solution was the most appropriate choice to ensure full functional coverage, robustness and time to market,” says Philippe Prudant, CIO at Rue du Commerce.

“We’ve chosen the solution to expand our product offering by integrating selected sellers on our website, benefitting from the quality of the seller’s offer and service they can deliver to our customers,” comments Jean-Philippe Marazzani, managing director at “The flexibility and functional richness of the solution developed by Mirakl were decisive in our choice.”

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RueDuCommerce chooses Mirakl’s software solution to rebuild its Marketplace

To meet consumers’ growing expectations, RueDuCommerce has chosen to substitute its own Marketplace solution, developed internally since 2007. The leading online mall is now working with Mirakl, leading provider of Marketplace technology, to facilitate the opening of its website to merchants and brands and to simplify the integration of their catalog while guaranteeing high quality of service.__

With 6 to 8 million unique visitors each month and a high reputation, RueDuCommerce offers 3 million products to its customers in domestic equipment (IT, electronics, home appliances, image and sound), gardening, fashion, culture and leisure. Therefore these are millions of customers and products data that must be referenced and handled to be accessible on all channels. Thanks to its marketplace platform solution, Mirakl will facilitate the integration of third-party vendors and their product catalogs while ensuring security and quality of service.

Created in 2011 by Philippe Corrot and Adrien Nussenbaum, Mirakl provides a turnkey SAAS solution that enables brick & mortars, pureplayers, BtoB or BtoC, or media companies to benefit from a fully featured platform to quickly scale their online activity with partner sellers. Mirakl guides its customers at the strategic, operational and technical level throughout the project duration. Today, Mirakl Marketplace Platform© is used by leading retailers such as Darty, MisterGoodDeal, Galeries Lafayette, Medicanimal or Nature & Découvertes.

“In the framework of the restructuring project of our website, Mirakl solution combined to Hybris e-commerce software stood out to be the most appropriate choice to ensure full functional coverage, robustness and time to market.” states Philippe Prudant, CIO of RueDuCommerce.

“We are very proud that the earliest and the most significant French Marketplace has chosen Mirakl to make its Marketplace evolve. This strategic choice of RueDuCommerce, a key player of Europe’s e-commerce and marketplace landscape, confirms the wealth of functionalities and operational performance of our platform. We have the conviction that the use of our solution will enable RueDuCommerce to improve quickly the development of its cross-channel strategy.” declares Philippe Corrot, President of Mirakl.


Darty trusts Mirakl and chooses its software solution to expand its online activity and grow its product range

Darty, leading retailer in consumer electronics and household electrical goods deploys its multichannel strategy and speeds up its e-commerce activity. Darty has chosen to collaborate with Mirakl, leading provider of e-commerce software solutions to help extend its product offering.

Darty is showing its willingness to innovate and rapidly adapt to the new expectations of its market and consumers. Thanks to this solution, Darty intends to gather offers of selected partner sellers and grow its catalogue on new related categories, without adding inventory and logistic constraints. This platform is part of Darty’s multichannel strategy development and enables its stores to better serve its customers by offering an extended range.

This large-scale project has been led in only 4 months relying on Mirakl’s technology, which is based on more than 8 years of technical and functional expertise. The solution enables Darty to ease the opening of its e-commerce website to third party merchants, and simplify the integration of their catalog. Numerous tools are also provided to Darty and merchants to ensure high quality of service. Therefore, this platform guarantees a consistent buying experience answering the growing customers expectations.

Created in 2011 by Philippe Corrot and Adrien Nussenbaum, Mirakl provides a turnkey SAAS solution that enables brick & mortars retailers, pureplayers, BtoB or BtoC, or media companies to benefit from a fully featured platform to quickly scale their online activity with partner sellers.

“”We are very proud that Darty has chosen Mirakl to develop their e-commerce. Darty is a key player in brick & mortar and online retail that has made the quality of service delivered to its clients their core value. Respecting this aspect is one of the key pillars of Mirakl. The time to market of this project demonstrates one more time the facility of integration and use of our SaaS solution. Darty managed to gather all the ingredients to make this project an inevitable success.”” states Philippe Corrot, President of Mirakl.

By launching this new activity, Darty is strengthening its leading position in its market. “”We’ve chosen Mirakl’s solution to widely expand our product offering by integrating selected partner sellers on our website, to benefit from the quality of their offer and service they can deliver to our clients. The flexibility and functional richness of the solution developed by Mirakl have been decisive in our choice.”” says Jean-Philippe Marazzani, Managing Director of


Launch of “Mistergooddeal Shopping”, a Marketplace powered by Mirakl

The online household goods specialist Mistergooddeal launches its Marketplace “Mistergooddeal Shopping” with Mirakl to cover high-tech, decoration, lighting and musical instruments product ranges.

With more than 13 years of experience in e-commerce and a pioneer in household goods, has decided to extend its existing product offering by deploying this marketplace to offer complementary categories. The marketplace relies on Mirakl software solution, integrated by CGI and Expertime.

A wider product offering for customers…
”“The launch of the marketplace “Mistergooddeal Shopping” primarily meets our customers’ demand who, for 13 years, have been coming to Mistergooddeal to find thousands of household goods from various brands. The launch of our marketplace will enable us to feature 100 000 products in addition to the 20 000 references already offered on our website, by the end of the year. The deployment will focus on categories related to home furnishing such as lighting, high-tech, DIY and even musical instruments!”” indicates __Patrick Labarre, Deputy General Manager of Mistergooddeal.

…the reliability of a reputable and well-known retailer for vendor-partners
Thanks to its new platform, Mistergooddeal enables third party vendors to sell their products directly to its audience, enlarging the choice available on the website and thus offering a highly qualitative purchasing experience without any additional cost, stock or logistical constraints.

-Olivier Guillemot, Sourcing and Marketplace Director adds: ”“We are giving to vendor-partners an excellent and qualified visibility on our website since they are benefiting from:
– 2 to 3 million unique visitors each month
– Mistergooddeal reputation: 8 out of 10 French people know our name
– Our customer qualification, deeply rooted in the home universe.””

The launch of this marketplace is the result of a project started several months ago and led by Mirakl, Expertime and CGI. For Mistergooddeal this is a new step forward in their development strategy.

Founded by Philippe Corrot and Adrien Nussenbaum in 2011, Mirakl is the leading provider of online marketplace technology helping major retailers and e-commerce players to create their own marketplace. ”“We are very happy with the success of Mistergooddeal’s marketplace project. It clearly demonstrates that our solution can be perfectly integrated and operational within just a few months.”” declares Philippe Corrot, President of Mirakl.

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