– a Mirakl and French Government Initiative – Distributed Over 550k Liters of Sanitizing Gel, 1 Million Masks and 100k+ Gowns, Glasses and Hair Nets Since Launch

To assist the French Government, healthcare personnel and workers on the front line in their fight against the Coronavirus, Mirakl, a French company and the leading marketplace solutions provider, launched the marketplace. Since the launch 1 week ago, more than 100 sellers have signed up to sell or donate gel, masks, +100K gowns, glasses, hairnets and other essential items needed; over 1K of buyers have registered and hundreds of orders have already been made. 

The first transaction – the donation of 1K Liters of hand sanitizing gel from Arkema to CHU Nevers – was made within the first 24 hours of the launch. Working in collaboration with the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, the Mirakl-powered marketplace solves the shortage of essential products and materials in hospitals, factories and grocery stores. The products sold or donated through the marketplace has already helped hundreds in the fights against the virus.

The Rocheplane Medical Center was concerned about a future rupture of the hydroalcoholic gel as the peak of Coronavirus cases was announced in the coming days. As the traditional suppliers were themselves unable to supply all the requests, and had only a few days’ stock coverage, a quick solution had to be found. Even before receiving the communication from the government, Angèle Leininger, Purchasing Manager of the institution, heard about the platform. Angèle registered on the platform and, 24 hours after placing her order, received confirmation of delivery of a 1000 L tank of hydroalcoholic gel from Arkema, free of charge. 

“It was a huge relief because not only had we finally protected our caregivers from a lack of hand sanitizing gel, but we had done so free of charge. Thanks to this donation, we were also able to help other facilities in the region by repackaging the gel in small bottles to protect caregivers and patients.”

This online platform  facilitates communication between manufacturers, distributors and subcontractors and makes protective items, which are vital in the fight against COVID-19, available to health professionals as well as public institutions. 

The City of  Nice Côte d’Azur was able to place an order on the platform to procure essential equipment.

Guillaume Giraudo, head of public procurement for the metropolis said: “As a City we absolutely have to go through public procurement but our traditional suppliers are no longer able to meet our needs. The platform makes it possible to secure all players for 3 reasons. Firstly, it is a secure platform where vendors have been validated. Secondly, it is a marketplace where there is competition between several players. Finally, the certificates are validated and allow us to be sure that the supplies ordered comply with CE standards. In the long term, we would like to be able to use the platform for most of our Covid-19 barrier supply orders, particularly masks and hydro-alcoholic gel. “

Some of the world’s leading manufacturers and chemical companies including Clinique, Shiseido, Arkema, and Seqens have joined over 100+ other sellers to sell or donate on the platform. There are over 600 requests to join per week. 

“We are experiencing an unprecedented health crisis. Against this backdrop, which has mobilized everyone in the spirit of solidarity, Arkema immediately redirected its production to participate in the national effort. We now produce 20 tons of hydroalcoholic solution per week for French hospitals, free of charge. This initiative is in line with our values of simplicity and responsibility. The platform set up by Mirakl and the Government has been very useful in putting us in touch with players in the healthcare product supply chain.” Philippe Leduc and Françoise Andolfatto, in charge of the “hydroalcoholic solutions” project at Arkema’s Rhône-Alpes Research Center.

Built in a record 48 hours, by a group of 10 developers, the Mirakl platform is provided and maintained free of charge. A team of 30 validate every seller and buyer and maintain the platform in its entirety. Designed to help all workers on the front line, over 40 buyers in food production, transportation, grocery stores and hospitals –  which included Danon, SNCF, and La Poste – have already benefited from  

Agnès Pannier-Runacher, state secretary in the ministry of economy and finance, has stressed in an official press release, the importance of agility in this crisis – particularly the mobilisation of manufacturers who have shifted their production to provide the necessary goods needed:

“In this period of health crisis that is shaking up our economy as a whole, I would particularly like to salute the great mobilization of companies and the remarkable work of State agents, particularly the DGE, to deal with the exceptional nature of the situation. The priority is to supply not only our healthcare personnel, but also the personnel of the many other activities that enable the country to continue to function: it is the mobilization of our entire industry that will make it possible to maintain the continuity of our supplies and to face this exceptional crisis.”

Mirakl CEO, Philippe Corrot, who answered the French government’s call to action, said in a press release: “This platform is a testament to the power of collaboration: bringing together tech, government, producers and distributors into one place. It’s a testament to the agility and efficiency of businesses to expand their reach and range, and pivot into any category depending on the need. And most importantly, this platform is a testament to the people who, in times of great need, have come together to do great things.”

“We are proud to be working with the French government on such an important initiative, and we hope to extend the service to other markets and support healthcare professionals around the globe,” Philippe Corrot concluded. 

Mirakl wants to thank all of the manufacturers and distributors who have spontaneously set up production lines to ensure critical goods are safely supplied and distributed throughout France. 


What you need to know 

  • Mirakl and the French government have joined forces to create a platform that brings together essential commodities. 
  • 1 week in,  the platform provides health professionals, public institutions, grocery stores and factories the essential products they need to stay safe. 
  • This platform provides solutions to 3 major problems:
    • It resolves the shortage of essential products and materials 
    • It provides a secure platform
    • It centralizes the supply and demand of essential commodities for professionals

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