Mirakl Launches Mirakl Catalog Manager to Improve Product Data Quality for B2C and B2B Marketplaces

Mirakl Catalog Manager helps brands better manage and enhance product data across their Mirakl-powered marketplace 

BOSTON, PARIS, LAS VEGAS – March 19, 2018 Mirakl, the leading marketplace platform provider, announced today at Shoptalk the launch of Mirakl Catalog Manager (MCM), which enables marketplace operators to collaborate with sellers to improve product data quality and consistency, and increase buyer confidence. MCM provides marketplace operators with critical product information management tools to manage the unique complexities of product data quality at marketplace volume.

According to a survey of 4,000 US online adults by Forrester Research, “The No. 1 feature online shoppers want from a website is product information.” The mandate to provide high quality product content is clear. Forrester’s Bruce Eppinger writes in a recent report, “Empowered customers expect rich, relevant, continually updated content to help them through each step of the customer journey, regardless of purchase touchpoint.”[1]

MCM was built to handle the unique product data needs of marketplaces that other management systems fail to address such as data ingestion from many different sellers, managing inconsistent product data quality, and creating an easy collaboration space for sellers to enrich product data. In addition to managing the technical complexity, MCM gives merchants the ability to control marketplace assortment by product data quality, ensuring that products with data or regulatory issues are avoided in the online selection.

Key features of Mirakl Catalog Manager include:

  • Product catalog buffering: Identifies and ingests only incremental differences, rather the complete catalog each time.
  • Product deduplication: Dedupe products from across multiple sellers to create one master catalog.
  • Product content consolidation: Combines content from multiple sellers to fill gaps and create a single, high-quality product record.
  • Product enrichments: Provides a collaborative solution for product content improvement and enrichment by sellers, making your job easy.
  • Digital asset management: Management of references (e.g., URLs) to product imagery to ensure proper control, conversion and publication to the marketplace.
  • Product moderation: Allows the operator to decide which products to accept or reject for the marketplace assortment.
  • Validation rules engine: Creates automation options to facilitate the operator setting quality standards for product content.
  • Invalid product identification: Alerts merchandisers to products with invalid data.

“In a marketplace, where the product data comes from many different sellers and content providers, the volume and quality of product data is extremely difficult to manage,” said Adrien Nussenbaum, co-founder and U.S. CEO, Mirakl. “Without addressing this issue, marketplace operators risk confusing and frustrating online buyers, for whom accurate and rich product data is one of the biggest drivers of conversion and satisfaction. Using Mirakl Catalog Manager, brands are empowered by reliable and consistent data that highlights a sound approach to creating and maintaining an unrivaled shopping experience.”

To learn more about Mirakl Catalog Manager, visit www.mirakl.com/marketplace-product-information-management, or stop by Booth #ET63 this week during Shoptalk at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

About Mirakl

Mirakl gives retailers and brands a fast path to increase customer value by launching an online marketplace. Marketplaces exceed customer expectations by providing broader selection, at better prices, with superior service while respecting your Brand DNA. The Mirakl Marketplace Platform is a turn-key SaaS solution that automates the hard things: Seller onboarding, product data management, service quality control, and order distribution; on an API-based solution that’s modular and easy to integrate into any e-commerce platform. Over 150 customers operating marketplaces in 40 countries trust Mirakl’s proven expertise and technology including Urban Outfitters, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Best Buy Canada, Carrefour, and Walmart Mexico. For more information: www.mirakl.com

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[1] Vendor Landscape: Product Information Management (PIM), Q3 2017, Forrester Research, Inc., October 13, 2017