Mirakl Accelerates Marketplace Creation for IBM Websphere Commerce Customers

Mirakl is proud to once again achieve validation for IBM Websphere Commerce Server (WCS) on Cloud. eCommerce is increasingly important to manufacturers, brands, retailers and others. With the success of marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, and Etsy, more and more organizations are extending eCommerce with a Marketplace of their own. Mirakl makes it simple and cost-effective for IBM WCS customers to add a Marketplace to existing eCommerce sites.

Consumers today demand frictionless commerce. Educated, informed, and empowered, they are also short of time and easily frustrated by even the slightest hiccup in the purchasing process. Simply put, consumers have come to expect a wide array of product choices with high availability and a fair, competitive price. This can be a tall order for an eCommerce site to deliver directly to the customer:

  • Providing a wide breadth of product choices is an expensive and risky proposition.
  • High availability requires investment in inventory and logistics capabilities that can cut into margins and increase risk.
  • Competitive prices are reliant on an efficient market, which requires multiple offers simultaneously. Customers have full visibility into pricing and will leave a site if the price is not competitive.

A Marketplace exists to allow customers to find what they are looking for, at the optimal price and with the best quality service. The retailer finds and recruits third-party sellers as a way to extend product range and offer more choice to customers in a single platform. There are three keys to a successful Marketplace:

  1. Large product catalog – customers must be able to find the product they are looking for.
  2. Fair Price – a price does not have to be the lowest price in order to win, but it does have to be aligned with the market.
  3. Great Buying Experience – there must be good quality product information, short shipping lead-time, great customer service, and seller information transparency.

Mirakl Marketplace Platform enables IBM WebSphere Commerce customers to quickly expand reach via a scalable omni-channel Marketplace. Mirakl’s feature-rich and easy-to-use Marketplace Platform allows retailers to easily increase retail product breadth and seamlessly on-board third-party sellers. Mirakl’s connector for WCS allows IBM customers to quickly add on additional sellers without the inconvenience of cost, deadlines and infrastructure. Mirakl’s functions are mapped directly to WCS, simplifying the process of adding and managing a Marketplace. The Mirakl Marketplace Platform Connector for IBM WCS includes:

  • Mirakl Marketplace Management – allows the marketplace operator (IBM customer) access the back-office functions (e.g. seller management, activity monitoring) that steer the marketplace.
  • Mirakl Catalog Integrator – transforms merchants’ product catalogs to a format easily readable and integrated with IBM Websphere Commerce.
  • Mirakl Seller Portal – allows merchants to directly manage their stores on the marketplace (e.g. products and offers, orders).

Marketplace sales are generally 2x more profitable than retail sales, driving up overall gross margin. Marketplaces also drive increased web and store traffic and improved conversation rate. According to Forrester Research, in 2013 in Europe, websites hosting online marketplaces enjoyed growth rates that were double than those without. Marketplaces now account for up to 50% of overall online transactions. Mirakl’s pricing model ensures ROI – it is based on the success of the Marketplace.