Sondaggio globale rivolto ai consumatori | Le preferenze dei consumatori nell’economia digitale

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Always meet consumer demand

Extend and adapt your online assortment by launching your own online marketplace and drop ship platform.

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Take control of the eCommerce opportunity

The surge in eCommerce has created fierce competition among retailers to win demanding online consumers, while faced with rising costs and operational constraints.

  • Rising consumer expectations

    There is a need for speed to meet consumer demands for more choice, sustainable and local options, better prices, and more convenience, without resorting to cost-cutting tactics.

  • Supply chain and margin squeezes

    The more shoppers move online, the more traditional retail supply chains are stressed, resulting in excess inventory, stock-outs, and a negative impact on customer experience and retail profit margins.

  • Competitors are big and move fast

    Platform giants have set a high bar and are capturing more customers by offering greater assortment, faster through third-party sellers—a capability many incumbent retailers lack.


of global consumers surveys say online marketplaces are the most convenient way to shop in 2022

Unlock a new level of speed, agility, and profitability

New technologies like enterprise marketplace and drop ship platforms are empowering retailers to deliver what their customers expect without the risk or cost of buying more inventory.

Pete SauerbornManaging Director, Catch

The growth of the marketplace on Catch has been awesome. It’s gone from nothing three years ago to 50% of our revenue today. It’s allowed us to enter new categories and new areas of selection. Marketplace strategy is important now more than ever because customers are shopping online now more than ever.

  • 2.5Mmarketplace products
  • 1500+marketplace sellers