Platform Pioneer Executive Symposium on November 18th: Creating a Shopping Experience Your Customers Will Love With an Online Marketplace

Secure your spot for our upcoming Platform Pioneer Executive Symposium on November 18th.

In this on-demand Platform Pioneer Executive Symposium, WW International Inc, the pioneering wellness program provider, will deep dive into the ways they have used the enterprise marketplace model to deliver on these rising expectations with WW Shop. Samantha Rapoport, Senior Director, eCommerce, WW International will share how they’re partnering with trusted third-party retailers and brands to offer a marketplace that delivers greater value to customers and powers WW’s eCommerce growth.

During this on-demand session, you’ll come away with:

  • A complete picture of the ways online marketplaces can forge new pathways for growth within your business
  • Techniques to develop an online marketplace strategy that creates a shopping experience your customers will love
  • The key considerations for creating strong partnerships between marketplace operators and sellers so that your marketplace not only supports, but enhances, your business

Watch now to learn more about why the world’s most trusted brands are rethinking how they approach eCommerce – and in the process, deepening their relationships with their customers.