Platform Pioneer Executive Symposium on January 26th: How to Deliver a Better B2B Digital Buying Experience With a Marketplace

Secure your spot for our upcoming Platform Pioneer Executive Symposium on January 26th.

In this Platform Pioneer Executive Symposium, you’ll hear how industry titans Airbus Helicopters and Parts Town are using the online marketplace model to offer their buyers what they truly want: a one-stop shop that drives growth by delivering the right products even faster. Paul Louit from Airbus Helicopters will share how their marketplace has not only improved their selection, but also delivered faster turnaround times – helping customers get helicopters off the ground and back in the air, quicker. Emanuela Delgado from Parts Town will reveal how digitizing the buying process has allowed Parts Town to both strengthen its core business and value to their customers.

In this live session, you’ll get: 

  • Key insights on how to effectively deliver a digital buying experience
  • Techniques for partnering with and empowering existing dealer networks 
  • How to effectively manage range extension and grow market share, while reducing supply chain costs 
  • Tips for effectively adapting traditional business models to meet modern buyers’ expectations

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