Mirakl Catalog Manager Powers the Growth of Fnac Darty’s Marketplace

Fnac Darty will use Mirakl Catalog Manager to ensure product data consistency on its marketplace.

Paris, June 6th, 2018 – Fnac Darty selected Mirakl’s newly-launched solution Mirakl Catalog Manager to improve product data quality on its marketplace.

Fnac Darty is the largest online omnichannel retailer in France, thanks to its commercial websites and retail network of more than 500 stores in France and 700 around the world. Fnac was one of the first brands to launch its marketplace in 2009 with the purpose of offering its clients a larger selection of products. Since then, they have focused on continuous growth, so much so that there are currently more than 2,300 professional sellers on the marketplace. Since the buyout of Darty in 2016, the Fnac.com marketplace hosts a dedicated space for Darty’s products with a selection of 1,200 household appliances.

The marketplace model is crucial for Fnac Darty with continuous optimisation a key strategy the brand wants to speed up the indexing of new products and improve its data quality. Integrating a strong platform will enable them to manage a very large number of products – several tens of millions per year. With high ambitions in the recruitment of new sellers, Fnac Darty decided to implement an integration system as simple as possible, answering the needs of all international sellers and suppliers and bringing more flexibility to the team.

To face these challenges, Fnac Darty selected Mirakl Catalog Manager, specifically designed  to ease integration and the management of product data on marketplaces and other platforms managing multi-source and multi-provider content. Besides facilitating the technical integration, MCM will enable Fnac Darty to modulate its product range according to the quality of the data. Then, the blocking or automated removal of the offers that do not meet  the integrity standards required for all product data (in terms of quality or regulation), this will enable the brand to provide a better selection of products and a better customer experience. Fnac Darty will also have the opportunity to collaborate with its sellers to improve products information and control the adherence to high quality standards set by the sellers themselves. Mirakl Catalog Manager is, to this day, the only solution on the market that specifically answers the challenges of product data management on marketplaces.

“We are thrilled to be working once again with the  FNAC.com team, who were pioneers in the adoption of the marketplace model and with whom we have built a strong relationship since their launch in 2009. We were delighted to follow the growing success of this marketplace, one of the best performing in France” says Philippe Corrot, co-founder and CEO of Mirakl. “There is no doubt about the growing importance of marketplaces in meeting consumer demand, we know that customers are less likely to buy if retailers don’t display clear, detailed and transparent product information. With Mirakl Catalog Manager, Fnac Darty will benefit from high quality and consistent data, supporting their ambitions to create and maintain an unparalleled buying experience for their customers.

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About Fnac Darty

Present in 11 countries, Fnac Darty is a European leader in distribution of cultural goods, leisure, technical products and appliances. The brand counts 26,000 associates and, end December 2017, 728 stores including 502 in France making it the 2nd ecommerce actor in terms of audience in France (almost 20 million cumulated unique visitors per month) with its two websites fnac.com and darty.com. As an iconic actor of omnichannel retail, Fnac Darty realized a turnover of €7,4Mds in 2017.