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Chapter 1 : Where we've come from

Where we ve come from Let s take a step back in time to the early days of commerce.

In the beginning, there was darkness. Consumers were left in

the dark. Information about products was impossible to find.

Knowledge about technology, about price, about product

ratings - all of this was totally invisible for consumers. And at

the same time, retailers, distributors, and brands thought of

the customer as simply the end of the value chain; a distant

entity that simply paid for products.

These companies did not have extensive data about

customer preferences. Rather, they were waiting in their

stores for customers to walk in and say I m interested in a

Camera, do you have one for me?

That was the age of darkness. And then along came digital

commerce with the promise of providing light to consumers

and the businesses selling to them. However, some of the

fundamental changes that digital commerce enables are still

not harnessed by many of the companies around the world.

Mirakl and our parnters enable business models that capture

all of the benefits of digital commerce and its transformative

elements: Time and space compression, Information

ubiquity and Interconnectedness.