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Chapter 4: Creating your platform

Managing your sellers Mirakl has long touted the three pillars of a successful

Marketplace operation: great vendor onboarding, great

vendor management, and excellent quality control.

Being able to streamline the onboarding of your sellers is

absolutely essential to the success of your marketplace. The

faster you can increase the amount of sellers and products,

the faster you ll learn what your customers do and don t want.

Building a platform that helps you easily manage many

vendors at scale is also essential to streamline day to day

administration of your marketplace.

Finally, ensuring quality for the end customer, so your brand

integrity is held up by every seller, is essential for a great

customer experience that brings more customers to your site.

This quality control must be automated in order to achieve

the scale that the platform business model enables.

Mirakl has built this platform for retailers, brands and

manufacturers to harness in their transition from pipeline

businesses to platform operators.