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Chapter 4: Creating your platform

Building an ecosystem If you create your own ecosystem, and you start having sellers

that tell you, I m more happy with you than with Amazon , you

have a way to start protecting your business and expanding into

a new world. And that s really something fundamental.

To be successful in doing that, you have to question yourself:

What should I offer to my customer: what he wants, or

what I want him to want? Today s world requires being

customer-centric. There is a shift away from trying to prescribe

exactly what your customer wants, and offering them the

opportunity to tell you what they want from a much broader

assortment. This shift upends our traditional understanding of

merchandising and the value of product curation. But it doesn t

replace that it only adds to it. The marketplace model allows

you to use a platform to quickly onboard sellers and increase

assortment, drastically improving your offering and giving

your customers more options. To sell more, you need to first

offer more. The impact of having an expanded assortment on

the quality of your customer experience is extremely high, and

starts to propel the network effect bringing more and more

new customers to your brand.

Every statistic shows that the ability to provide great customer

experience has immediate impact on repeat business and the

ability to grow your business.