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3. Reliability & flexibility:

You need a high performance platform that scales as your

ecosystem does. We designed a system that performs no matter

how quickly you scale. You can rest assured your platform

will be up and running, and your customers will know your

platform is reliable.

4. Task automation:

We ve built automated processes into our platform for

maximum efficiency, and architected the platform so you

can easily add rules and processes of your own. Our API-first

approach makes it possible for our customers to add new data

sources, and automate business processes, as your platform


5. Quality of service:

The most critical element of your marketplace performance

is ensuring your quality standards are met by all third parties.

Our platform makes it easy to set the standards with your third

party community, and enforce those standards, all with a quality

management dashboard.

Our customers recognize Mirakl s strength in technology, and

have opted to take advantage of what we offer on their journey

to becoming platform businesses. Once your technology is set,

the next part of the journey is to build your ecosystem.